Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Gingerbread Man

It was World Book Day today and at my Grandsons school they were all invited to dress as a character from their favourite story. Lots and lots of Tinkerbells, Snow Whites etc and for the boys mainly pirates or willy wonker. Oscar won first prize as the Gingerbread man, though I am afraid my picture is rather dark. He was watched by a doting Granny (me) and an equally doting Great Granny (my mum) as Mummy and Daddy were both unable to attend.


Julie said...

Oscar looks great, no wonder he won a prize

Boo Hoo the fwoggy on 4 wishes, thats a shame, and congrats on Celtic, she's growing well


Ish said...

That's an amazing outfit, he had to win with that one.

Ribbit Ribbit... the frogs visited me earlier in the week for the Heirloom Valentine's SAL too