Sunday, 14 September 2008


Would you like to win all this wonderful selection of finishing fabrics. All you have to do is visit Jane at
and wish her a happy birthday before 8 am on the big day which is the 16th. What a lovely way to celebrate and I think she deserves a lovely birthday.
May your frogs stay in their ponds

Friday, 12 September 2008


For the first time in I don't know how long I actually feel as though I have made some progress on Gracious Era. I have only had a couple of days to work on this but I think because I can see some structure in the fact that you can start to see the outline of the buildings it feels like I have achieved something. Of course like most of these things it always looks better when you see it as a photo, or from a distance as nothing looks as sharp when its right under your nose. Anyway I am happy with it and I cannot remember the last time I felt happy with this one.

The rota is now going away until after my holidays. I will have very little time for stitching this week. I have quite a few engagements with friends and my aunt has come down from Scotland so I will be off to take her and mum out on a two or three days. Also everything to sort out for packing etc. What time I do have I am going to spend on doing some catching up. I have not done the July/August Papillon Sal yet and the next part is due this week. Also I am still on the July section of EMS Rose. There are a couple of other bits and bobs too that I really want to get finished and then if I have time (not sure if I should laugh, cry or just choke on that comment) there is UFO and ISD both well behind schedule.

I had sorted out my holiday stitching but now I am beginning to wonder if I maybe should take some of the things I need to catch up on rather than starting something new. Well logic tells me I should but then one of the things I love about holiday stitching is its always something new that I have been wanting to start for ages. Oh decisions, decisions, decisions why does life have to be so complicated lol.

I had a panic this morning when I heard that XL the firm that had gone bust was a Yorkshire based holiday company. I knew the company we had booked our holiday with was based in Skipton in Yorkshire, but it seems for the time being at least we are OK. It is so sad for those who have been looking forward to their holidays and then its snatched away from them. There is some good new though as if you paid with your Credit Card or booked with an ATOL protected agent you will not lose your money. Cannot compensate for the disappointment though can they.

Before I go there is something I need to ask - do you have a stitching blog and if so is your blog registered with Teejay at The Passion Of My Needle. She is trying to register every stitching blog in one place so that if we are looking for one in particular we will be able to go there to search for it. Please go look.

Thank you once again for all your lovely comments and for taking the time to visit me it is so much appreciated.

May your frogs stay in their ponds

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Can you help please?

My friend’s husband is taking part in JailBreak 09 to raise funds for Endometriosis UK. She has produced a very special Hardanger Chart to sell off to help with his total, which to date is £84!! The price per chart is just a £2 donation (via the link below). 100% of the donation goes directly to the charity - more if you Gift Aid it!! Please leave your name and a little message saying you would like the chart – the boys will be notified of your email address and your chart will be sent on so for safety sake DO NOT WRITE IN YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS . I hope you like her design, and will help to raise money in the process!!!

may your frogs stay in their ponds

Monday, 8 September 2008

Under Construction...

The fault for this lying firmly at Vonna's feet. I blame her completely I have to say. In my own defence I will admit that I have often looked at and even admired all the Neighbourhood Round Robins. I have never, not once, not even for a second thought "I ought to do one of those". Then Vonna mentioned on her blog something about the Me, Myself and I idea and of course being inquisitive (some might say nosey but i will stick to inquisitive), I just had to go and peep. I admit it was an interesting idea but not for me. I came away from the computer untouched - but a little seed had been planted while I was there and it started to niggle and grow. That night as I lay in bed I started thinking about what I would do if I had been going to join, but it was only in theory I was definitely not thinking of joining. I think it took two days to cave in and I did it I signed on the dotted line. We drew up a contract and I agreed that I would endeavour to construct a very nice neighbourhood where the friends of my heart could reside.

I freely admit that where housework is concerned maybe no-one will notice any difference but where stitching is concerned they certainly would. I stared on Blackwork house last week and continued with it through the weekend (mainly because it was out and I could not be bothered to look out anything else). In all that time I achieved the little bit of roof on the right hand side and almost half a column again on the right. Its dreadful I know. Today was ISD and I dare not even take a picture of that as I think I have done all of 10 stitches.

The trouble is when I start to stitch it leaves my mind free to wander and I then have to put the stitching down so I come on here to get my ideas in order and do some more designing. I cannot afford to buy the charts I would really like (unfortunately sold as kits for about £24 each) but I have found a number of magazine charts of cottages I like and with the help of EasyCross I have managed to change each of the cottages I have done so far enough to use them at least twice and without it looking like the same thing. I am having such a great time and so enjoying the fun of making my neighbourhood come to life. How I will be when this actually goes from the planning department to the building department I am not sure but I can only hope that the building of my Neighbourhood is as much fun as the designing and just in case you are wondering the name of my village is Stitchery Nook ;o)

This week I have had two lovely suprises. The other day an envelope dropped through my door from my dear friend Sally (stitchyangel treasures). A while ago she stitched the lovely Dinky Dyes satin stitch Christmas Tree which I admired and she sent me the chart saying that she would send the other part of the chart when she had stitched the little tree ornament. Anyway she decided that she would not stitch the tree ornament so sent the chart and the threads to me as a suprise. It came at just the moment I needed something to put a smile back on my face so bless you Sally and thank you.
I also got this lovely Glendon Place chart from Tracey (The Passion Of My Needle) just as a thankyou for leaving nice comments on her blog. What a lovely thing to do but I really needed no thanks. If you have every visited Traceys blog you will know she does some beautiful and varied work and she works so quickly too. Although you cannot see on the picture the words on the centre of this chart are "Fill Your Years With Life, Not Your Life With Years" such a beautiful sentiment and one that clearly reflects my own theory.
I have also had two other lovely gifts this week and though not suprises none the less the kindness of the givers is wonderful. First Kathy (Sit and Stitch blog) sent me a lovely dragonfly chart. She had said on her blog that she would give it to someone who wanted it and as it was so pretty I asked and got - lucky me. Also Tammy (no blog) from the Crafty Natter board put up some charts that she no longer wanted and asked if anyone was interested. I said I would like a little Seraphine birth sampler with elephants if it was available and she took it with her on a visit to a mutual friend so I collected that this morning. I love elephants and these are just so cute I think I am going to make a little sampler of them.
On Saturday my dh and I celebrated out 39th wedding anniversary - I feel sure there is a mistake in the figures somewhere as I certainly do not feel old enough to have been married for 39 year lol. Anyway in the afternoon we went to meet Nicola (Tales from My Needle) and her hubby and had a lovely afternoon together, with drinks and cakes of course as Nicola is an expert on good Tea Shops lol. I find it hard to believe that I have gone all these years without knowing any stitchers close to me and suddenly I seem to be meeting lots and so far they have all been lovely. I feel so priviledged to belong to such a generous and kind community.
Well I am sure you have had enough of my ramblings so I will go and make the bedtime drink and then away to get my beauty sleep lol.
Thank you for reading this and for all those who leave such lovely comments in my blog. Can I just ask that if you are new or have not left a comment before that you do so. It can just say hello im...... but if you leave a comment it means I get to come back and visit you. I have found some lovely people just because they left a comment on my blog.
Goodnight all
may your frogs stay in their ponds.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Come & Share

I managed to get the cottage picture done this time and I am so glad as I cannot say I enjoyed that bit of it. That done it is now going away until next time when hopefully I will enjoy this stitching a bit more.

Next in the rota is Blackwork house so I am going to do a couple of days on that.

Saturday I would like to play some catch up with either Gigi or EMS Roses both of which will soon be lagging well behind but as it is both our wedding anniversary and the day we go to meet Nicola and hubby so I am not sure anything will get done at all. Never mind I do at least feel as though some progress is beginning to be made and I am back on track.

I must tell you I am really excited about a new impending start - well not until the new year but I am having really good fun at the planning stage. I have joined the "Me, Myself and I" blog. It is a sort of square robin - similar to a round robin but it doesn't go round LOL. I know I am not making myself very clear - but basically if you have seen the neighbourhood RR's and would love to do one but do not want the commitment then this is for you. We are each going to design our own neighbourhood and then after the 31st December (the only rule as far as I can see is that you are not allowed to start actually stitching before this date) we will start. We will work on our own Neighbourhoods and at our own pace - no set day - no set time - no set anything but we will have the fun of taking part with others as if it was a real RR. If anyone has any charts with houses or cottages on that they no longer want then they will receive a very big welcome at my house. So far I have the LHN ones - Home of a Needleworker, The Counting House and Over the River and through the woods. I have an Elizabeth Designs called Garden of My Heart and I have ordered another one called My Country House. On top of that I downloaded a load of freebies from a french blog but the trouble so far it they are all different sizes and getting a dozen or so houses that are all a similar size looks to be impossible. Sure it wont be but just at the moment it feels that way. I shall start trowling through all my mags shortly.

Hope everyone is busy stitching and that you are all keeping well.

Thank you for once again visiting me.

May your frogs stay in their pond

Monday, 1 September 2008

An Hello, A Goodbye and I Still Do...

First the picture that would not load last night, K for the Kalanchoe flower. Sorry Julie I did not take the ivy leaves and anyway one looks much like another lol.
We got our holiday confirmation but I think I was having a senior moment when I mentioned it last night. I said the date was the 21st July - errrrr where did that come from - silly me it is the 21st September; yes just under three weeks to go. We are off to get some much needed sunshine sailing down the Nile. I would say some culture too but maybe you need a brain for that bit and mine seems to have gone on its own holiday just lately.

I did stick to my plan and worked on I Still Do today. I have got another year (on Saturday) to get it done but I will have to do more than I have managed to day if I am to be finished in time. I did spend quite a bit of time on it and only frogged a couple of stitches but the end result is not very impressive. I achieved what you see of the top right side motif. I enjoyed stitching this but just feel it doesnt look much for the time I put in - oh well such is life.
Back to Come & Share tomorrow. Sorry Rachael, Andy won't let you come to my house again if you start buying all the charts you liked lol. Oh never mind just blame me I have broad shoulders.
Today my family all arrived back from France where they had enjoyed a lovely holiday and I admit it was lovely to see them again, especially my darling grandson who seems to have shot up - can a child possibly grow that much in three weeks?
Their arrival home also meant the departure of Jules from our lives. She was so thrilled and excited when they arrived at our house but when it came to them going home she was rather reluctant to leave - oops have we been spoiling her too much. I must admit the house has seemed very empty tonight without her as she always seems to pick the most inconvenient place to settle down.
This photo was taken yesterday up at Beacon Hill.
Christine - Shiona said that the only needlework shop they found seemed very expensive and did not appear to have anything very different to what we can get here far cheaper.
Another nice thing was that Nicola (Tales from My Needle blog)phoned me tonight. Unfortunately it was just as David and Debbie had arrived to collect the dog so I was unable to chat for long, but we are going to meet up with her and her DH on Saturday so will have plenty to chat about then. It is very exciting after all these years to suddenly be meeting so many stitching friends. I am really looking forward to it.
Tomorrow I am picking Oz up and then my mum and we are all going out somewhere for the day. Oz is looking forward to a day with Granny and Great Granny wonder if he thinks he might get a little spoilt lol.
Well my eyes are closing and its well past my bedtime so I will say goodnight to you all.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
may your frogs stay in their ponds.