Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I Made The Connection

Here I am again and it hardly seems two minutes since last week (ok im a couple of days late too).  My days seem to fly by and I am not always sure when I climb into bed at night just exactly what I have done to use up all the time.  That said, apart from the last couple of hours before bedtime, when I sit down to relax, watch tv and stitch, I am always busy doing something. 

I was disappointed with the Minecraft cake, so much so that I didnt even bother taking a picture.  Oscar however was thrilled with it and his friends thought it was cool.  Not one of my best but obviously not a complete failure lol.

Not a lot of stitching time last week, which is why I am late posting.  I was determined that I was going to stick with fairies until I connected the border round it.  This is now done, it still need backstitching and some other bits and bobs but I am pleased I managed to make the connection. 

So here is my latest offering for Fairies At The Bottom Of My Garden -

now that the border is round it I am beginning to feel like I am getting somewhere and the end is within the bounds of possibility.
I had a new visitor last week and went to check out her blog, she had some beautiful hardanger and sampler work and I am so tempted to start something new.  However as I only stitch on one piece each week I really mustn't start something else or it will just delay my finishing those pieces.  I have been scanning through blogs when I have had the time but I really must apologise for not leaving any comments this last week - so many things to do and just not enough time.

Thank you so much to those who visit and take the time to read my ramblings.  God bless you all.


May your frogs stay in their ponds.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Up In The Attic (hardanger house)

It was Carnival Day in Long Eaton on Saturday so my darling grandson came to stay for the weekend.  A lovely morning and we walked down to the park to watch the carnival parade arrive. Not only did the parade arrive but the rain did too and  the heavens opened.  We were drenched, so only a quick look round the park,before heading home again. 

I have been so tired this week and do not seem to have done much stitching in the evenings, however I am quite please with progress made on Hardanger House.  I really need to have a go at stitching the door posts on a scrap before I do them on the real thing, but as I couldnt be bothered I went up to the roof top and did the chimneys and the attic instead.

I love doing hardanger

There isnt much else to tell you today Im afraid.  Fairies, will hopefully, be coming out again tonight, but we are having a new carpet on the stairs and landing on Friday so we have decorating to do this week, and I also have a birthday cake to make for my grandsons 11th Birthday which is also Friday.  He wants a "Mine Craft" cake and I havent quite worked out how to tackle that yet lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and to all the lovely people who take the time to leave a comment.  

Hugs to all

May your frogs stay in their ponds.i

Friday, 14 June 2013

I Just Want To Share...

If you craft, no matter what kind of crafting you do, I am sure you know the feeling of always trying to think up new storage solutions.  I know I certainly seem to sink under the accumulation of stuff on my work table but if I clear the table and put it all away, then I waste half the day trying to find it all again.
So today I have been playing and now I have a lovely tidy work area and all my "use all the time" items are in easy reach.

So here is my nice clean work space

The little jars you can just about see on the window ledge are these

and they contain my assortment of card candy which i love and use a lot.  The little jars were from Ikea and were only £2 for a set of four - so not expensive.  The little blue spray bottle was a lucky find last summer.  I first saw it in the garden centre at Denby pottery but as I had spent up on plants I didnt have enough money left.  Imagine my joy when the following week I found the identical thing in the local £1 shop.

Next as we no longer need the veggie rack in the kitchen that has come into use as a craft rack

My craft bag on the top shelve used to stand on my table but it was so full I couldn't find anything in it, now its all need and tidy.

The other things that are now removed from my craft bag are in my new craft station

I made the craft station using the tubes from the centre of wrapping paper rolls, a sheet of A4 card and some pictures cut from old craft magazines.  The pretty boarders came free in a card mag, and the little pin cushion was a gift from a friend some years ago.  The only cost was for the decopatch glue (which I already had anyway).  I am really thrilled with the result, so now I can keep my craft table all neat and clutter free - well thats the theory so far lol.  Most of the card, paper, toppers and embellishments are on the Billy bookcase at the side anyway so they are not hard to pull out and put back.  I glued the tubes together but I havent fixed them to the A4 bottom piece - I left them so that I could decide if it needed any more bits adding first but as it stands quite secure I will probably never get round to a permenant solution.

The other bit of crafting I did this morning was on a cheap ornament I bought in Dunelm.  A few stamps and a bit of bling and here it is.

and here it is on my kitchen window sill.

Sorry there was no stitching to show today, that will be on Monday or Tuesday as usual. It's just been so long since my work table area looked tidy I was all excited and had to share lol (its maybe my age but it doesn't take a lot to excite me these days.

Take care and see you again in a few days

May your frogs stay in their ponds.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Appleblossom and Fairies

Hello and welcome to all who are visiting my world.  First I would like the thank you for the lovely comments, especially the ones about my garden, its not very big but it is pretty and I love sitting in it - so peaceful and relaxing.

On that note I thought I would start my post with some flower pictures I took the other day in the garden.
The first three are of my begonias.

This one is called Appleblossom and is my favourite
I have no idea what the others are called but they are still pretty

and finally this lovely flower - I think its called a mimulus but I love the way this one looks
like it has been splashed with paint

This week is a double update as we were just so busy last week that I didn't get the time to blog.  I have been stitching though but as I usually stitch in the evening it rarely gets in the way of other things.

Now for the stitching bit and my first one is the progress from the previous week on fairies, which I was pleased with, though with so many leaves I was feeling rather green by the time the week was over lol.

 Last week it was the water pumps turn for an airing.  I was a little disappointed in the progress I made on this.  I did manage some stitching most evenings but somehow it does not seem to have grown very much.  The good news is I have now reached the bottom of the chart.

Last night Hardanger House came out again.  Time goes so quickly and it does not seem like two weeks have passed since I last put it away.

I would like to say thanks to Mylene for telling me how to remove the verification thing, I have done what you said so hopefully its not there anymore.  I know how you feel, sometimes I write a comment and then have to go through all that typing stupid words it drives me mad too lol.

Off now to make a coffee and sit in the garden for an hour before dinner.  Take care everyone and hope to see you again soon.

Sending hugs to all who need them,

May your frogs stay in their ponds.