Monday, 10 June 2013

Appleblossom and Fairies

Hello and welcome to all who are visiting my world.  First I would like the thank you for the lovely comments, especially the ones about my garden, its not very big but it is pretty and I love sitting in it - so peaceful and relaxing.

On that note I thought I would start my post with some flower pictures I took the other day in the garden.
The first three are of my begonias.

This one is called Appleblossom and is my favourite
I have no idea what the others are called but they are still pretty

and finally this lovely flower - I think its called a mimulus but I love the way this one looks
like it has been splashed with paint

This week is a double update as we were just so busy last week that I didn't get the time to blog.  I have been stitching though but as I usually stitch in the evening it rarely gets in the way of other things.

Now for the stitching bit and my first one is the progress from the previous week on fairies, which I was pleased with, though with so many leaves I was feeling rather green by the time the week was over lol.

 Last week it was the water pumps turn for an airing.  I was a little disappointed in the progress I made on this.  I did manage some stitching most evenings but somehow it does not seem to have grown very much.  The good news is I have now reached the bottom of the chart.

Last night Hardanger House came out again.  Time goes so quickly and it does not seem like two weeks have passed since I last put it away.

I would like to say thanks to Mylene for telling me how to remove the verification thing, I have done what you said so hopefully its not there anymore.  I know how you feel, sometimes I write a comment and then have to go through all that typing stupid words it drives me mad too lol.

Off now to make a coffee and sit in the garden for an hour before dinner.  Take care everyone and hope to see you again soon.

Sending hugs to all who need them,

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Julie said...

Fairies is looking good, nice that you are at the bottom of the chart, you can see exactly how much more needs to be done!

Julie said...

and there was no word verification ..... YAY!!!!

Christine said...

Great work on the fairies and I love the mimulus

Andrea said...

Great progress on your WIPs. Bet there's not much sitting in the garden at the moment, unless under an umbrella!

Mylene said...

wow! Such lovely flowers you have, Helen.
Beautiful progress on both pieces.

Glad to hear it you have found it about the verification thing...

Maxine said...

Such beautiful flowers especially the mimulus. I wish my garden looked like that but I'm not physically able to do any gardening so it's just grass! Making good progress on your wip's too :)