Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I think Im back .....

Its been nine long long months since I last posted. I am not going to bore you with the details, most of you know my Mum had a rough time last year but I am pleased to report that she is so much better now and is getting out and about again. I am so pleased that she has become independent again as just after we returned from our annual chill out in Goa (mid Feb) I had a stupid accident and ended up with three bones broken in my spine and a very badly bruised lower spinal region, which meant sitting down was very painful, but then so was standing up so I have had a couple of months where I was going stir crazy, supposedly relaxing at home. How you relax when its hard, to sit, stand or even lie in bed Im not sure but now I too am well on the way to mending.

Stitching has been a bit hit and miss but I have had two finishes. Both are hardanger designs and both are from the Cols Creations collection. The first one was my tissue box cover which I love and I am thinking of doing another one of these in cream at some point, but this one is plain white and is for my bedroom.

Finished March 2011

The second is again for my bedroom and is a beautiful design called Tulips and Lace. I have quite a few of these Col's Creations charts in my stash and look forward to being able to do some more in the future. Oh and just in case anyone notices the little thread sticking out at the bottom (as I know some of those in my hardanger group will lol) I have now cut it off. I have to admit to having a little help with this one as Rachael did the buttonholing round the edge. I have done hardanger for a number of years now and never had problems before but for some reason I just could not get to grips with it on this one and was ready for thowing it in the bin lol. Nothing to do with the design, its just normal button hole stitch - just my head would not work around it at the time and Rachael kindly offered her services, bless her.

Finished April 2011

First things first though and my aim for this year is to finish some of my rather large pile of WIPs. The first one I have gone back too is this one, I Still Do - an Ink Circles Design that seemed perfect for our Ruby Anniversary. That was 18 months ago but as it has a habit of doing life got in the way. This is what it looked like last time I took a picture and I will try and take an update pic later today. I have now finished the first of the two large motifs I was working on and I am hoping to make a start on the second one tonight.

I am not even attempting to work on a rota at the moment, I shall just stitch on this for as long as I am happy doing so and then swap to another. There are so many unfinished projects in my WIP box that I think there will be something I can find that I just fancy doing at the time.

I was having a quick flick round my blog before I started posting and I think I am going to have to alter my WIP list in the sidebar as its very out of date. I will also try to think what else I have finished - Im sure there must be one or two in the last nine months, and they need to be recorded, after all this blog was started so that I would have a record of the things I stitched. Having said that its always lovely to know others are interested too, so it anyone does read this I would love to hear from you.

All for now


Helen x

May your frogs stay in their ponds.