Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Thanks, UFO and A Compromise

First I want to say thank you for all the good wishes while Ive not been feeling well. I went to the GP yesterday because the continual headaches are beginning to worry me. She was able to rule out any upsets with my BP was that was a relief. She has done lots of blood tests, given me some tablets, which are just anti-inflammatories and I have to go back next Tuesday.
On Secret garden I had to make a compromise. Lynda Bodkin the designer said she thought the legs looked wobbly on my infill and suggested adding a couple more threads and rewinding a little tighter. So I unpicked all the flower infills and did as she advised only to find that I had wrapped the horizontal and vertical threads as one and not the two I needed for the flowers. By this time I came to the decision that the flowers were just not meant and substituted them with a spiders web infill. I then finished the cross stitch and did the line of rice stitch below, but found the thread I needed for the next row had gone missing. I have had the cushions of both sofas and searched everywhere I can think of and its not come to light so decided to just order a new one from sew and so. Well you cant order just one thread can you so I ended up ordering half a dozen new DMC perle threads lol.
Although I have not been able to consentrate for long on stitching I did get some of my ufo done yesterday. This is last times pic

And this was yesterdays so a little progress was made
I have now got Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden out and hope to stitch on that for a couple of days.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Did you miss me lol

I have nothing to report this week as I have spent most of the week in bed poorly. I seem to have had a return of the bug I got earlier in the year. Since getting the bug the first time I have continued on and off to get headaches and swollen glands so I am going to take myself off to the doc's on Tuesday and get a check up. I have done a little stitching today but cannot seem to consentrate on it for very long so not sure how things will go over the next few days.

Thanks Julie for enquiring because you hadnt seen any updates its much appreciated.

Sunday, 20 May 2007

A Beautiful Day

I just love this time of year in the Garden. Every time I go outside I seem to see something new that has opened up. Today has been beautiful here in our little bit of Derbyshire and so I am sharing some more of my lovely flowers with you.

Tonight I am going to start on Secret Garden again but this means I will be starting with frogging and not stitching. I was really unhappy with the flower infills on this one. After asking around I have had lots of advice not least from Lynda Bodkin the designer of Loopylou, so I am going to undo them all and taking the advice of all these lovely people have another go and see if I can get it right. Lol if the air looks blue over Derbyshire tonight you will all know why.
In the meantime, thanks to all who gave words of encouragement regarding Gracious Era. I will stick with it and as Edda reminded me every few stitches count. Many thanks for that Edda.

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Gracious Era

I have been working on Gracious Era today. Not got a lot done as I was not really enjoying doing it. I think I may enjoy this more once I get past the horses as I am not really into animals where stitching is concerned. Anyway I got the coach driver done and the 2nd horses head completed so that will just have to do for this time.

Thanks to those who pop by and read my blog and also to those of you who are kind enough to leave a comment, they are really appreciated.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Dippy and the Garden

Well I am pleased to say that I am now up to date with "Dippy", now like everyone else I am just longing for part 8 to come out and wondering what will go in the middle for part 9.
Luckily the threads I got from Lekker seem to be a perfect match. I am still waiting for the threads from Jayne, but as I really love these colours it will not matter if I have extras. I have to say that the more I use the Dinky Dyes threads the more I love them.

Despite all the rain we have had over the last couple of weeks (or maybe because of it) the garden is flourishing and I just have to leave you with some pictures of my lovely early flowers.

Monday, 14 May 2007

Proud Mum

Today my son opened his own business. He is now the proud owner of a small Bistro Cafe in the village where he lives. Tomorrow Mum and I are going there for our lunch. He is an excellent chef and has wanted to get something of his own for ages so I am really proud that he has achieved his goal. Good Luck David and may you and your business flourish.

I got some stash from Lekker threads today, really fast delivery as I only posted the order late Thursday night. Among other things I got some Dinky-Dyes thread for my Serendipity, and I am glad to say it is a perfect match. I actually have this on order from Jayne, but I have been waiting a month now and its still not arrived with her. Obviously not Jaynes fault and I know she cannot help it if her order does not arrive but its been so frustrating looking at all the other pictures and being so far behind. Needless to say tonight I have been stitching on Serendipity. Tomorrow is UFO day but I will return to "dippy" on Wednesday and post a picture when I have done whatever amount I end up doing lol.

Hope the girls who went all had a good weekend in Hull, and that Edda has a safe journey back to Iceland tonight.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Heirloom Christmas

Here is a picture of this months progress on Heirloom Christmas. I was very tempted to do some more on this one but in the end decided to stick to my plan. I am not going to get much time for stitching over the next couple of days as we have Ozzie to stay, and anyway I do want to get back to my rota. Oh to have more time for stitching lol. Sure you will all agree with that statement. I love the way this one keeps throwing new little challenges at me, and yet it is far easier than it looks.

Wonder what the ladies in Hull are up to tonight??? Having lots of laughs and giggles I am sure, and I can't wait to see what they have been stitching.

Thank you to all those who visit my blog. I hope I keep it interesting for you with my different projects.

Now whats next - mmmm Gracious Era, not my favourite one to stitch, though I do love the picture.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Polstitches Forum Scissor Fob Exchange

Julia - the right one this time - received her scissor fob today so I can now share the pictures with you.

This is the front and the main design was from a freebie that Terri found for me on the web. I put the date and a little pair of scissors to represent the exchange.
For the back I wanted to do something similar but not exactly the same so I kept the central square the same size but did my own design adding both our initials and another little pair of scissors.

I just love this pretty little watering can and thought it finished it off nicely.

I also had a nice little suprise in the post today. Terri was sending of an order to SewandSo and I asked her to get me a little bee charm(for 4 wishes) so I was expecting this but when I opened it she had enclosed a little pack of Polstitch hand dyed barley beads in the lovelies shade of pale peach. I think I have just the project in mind for this. I was going to go to the bead shop but these seem just perfect so I have been saved a journey. Big hug and thank you Terri they put a big smile on my face.

Hope the girls who are on the stitching weekend with Jayne (Jaynes Attic) and Carol (Heirloom Embroideries), in Hull have a wonderful time and I hope to hear lots about it when you get back.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

UFO Night Update

The first picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and the second picture is tonights. It really doesnt look as though I have made much progress but at least the cloak is finished now. All the beads are on it and the gold work is all done, though the picture doesnt look as though the gold is done on the little motifs that are on the cloak. I would have done more but silly me has lost her page with the bottom of the dress on in my working copies so I will have to get that sorted out again before next week.

Anyway they say its an ill wind, so as I could not carry on with CS tonight I made a start on this months Heirloom Christmas. Lines 16, 17 and 18 this time which doesnt actually look very much ------- mmm will have to see what I think when I get to the end of them.

I do keep meaning to be good and not look at charts, and I really have been trying but today I have been looking for a gift for a stitching friend, and what should I come across but Just Nan's Lady Scarlets Journey. Its another one like Barnabee's Quest that is done in three parts but it is so lovely, and it really would compliment Barnabee and 4 Wishes. Also while in the Just Nan section I saw the new one Sally has ordered which is Queen of the Needle and that too is absolutely beautiful. Oh dear, now how long is it until my birthday lol.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Update & Flowers

I am really pleased with the progress on this my first ever large blackwork project. The design is on an anchor leaflet and is called Simply Blackwork, by Jill Carter-Nixon. Its done in black perle #12 and gold. The bits you see are the centre of the house, which still needs some backstitching to define it, and some of the bushes/flower beds.
On a different note, when my aunt was visiting last week she bought me some flowers. They are opening up now and they are just so beautiful I had to share them with you.

Tomorrow is UFO day, so tomorrow evening I will be back with Celtic Spring.

Thanks to all those who visit and those who leave me comments, they are much appreciated.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Start on the Blackwork House

Just a quickie tonight but I had to show you the start I made on my blackwork house. You maybe cannot tell yet but this is the front door and the steps and I have just started the flowerbeds to the side. Really enjoying this.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

A Big Smile Day

Lots to smile about today. I will start with stash though that is certainly not the best thing the postie bought today. First there are all the threads I ordered from the US (a lovely lady called Ros who is unfortunately closing down her business). Most of these are earmarked for charts I want to get kitted up.
Next there was my Spring Collection from Jo Mason at Dinky-Dyes. Another opalescent fabric, though I am not so sure about this one as its a bit bright for my taste, and sumptuous threads which I just love.

My lovely scissor fob arrived from Elaine today, we don't know what to call the shape but have decided it is a Brazil Nut lol

and last but certainly not least, Elaine also sent me this beautiful Stitching Caddy,

I think you can see from all these lovely pictures why I am such a happy smiley bunny today. Thank you so much Elaine, you have really made me feel special today.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

I made a boo boo

My dad always said you should never assume anything. Well I should have listened to his advice because I assumed and got it wrong lol.
Here is a picture of my first ever scissor fob which I made for Julia, and which I am please to say she was thrilled with.
I posted it off to her yesterday, but this morning found that it was not supposed to be for the Julia I had assumed it was for. So now I have another one to make for the correct Julia.
Never mind it was all good practice and it bought a smile to someones day so that in the end is all that matters.
Thank you all for continuing to visit my site and for the lovely comments you leave, they are really appreciated.