Tuesday, 1 May 2007

I made a boo boo

My dad always said you should never assume anything. Well I should have listened to his advice because I assumed and got it wrong lol.
Here is a picture of my first ever scissor fob which I made for Julia, and which I am please to say she was thrilled with.
I posted it off to her yesterday, but this morning found that it was not supposed to be for the Julia I had assumed it was for. So now I have another one to make for the correct Julia.
Never mind it was all good practice and it bought a smile to someones day so that in the end is all that matters.
Thank you all for continuing to visit my site and for the lovely comments you leave, they are really appreciated.


Julie said...

it's gorgeous Helen, ooops! to your boo boo, bet Julia was thrilled to receive it, a lovely stitchy surpise in the post is always welcome

BeckySC said...
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BeckySC said...

I agree, it's gorgeous :) AND, I know you made one Julia's day :)
OOPs, sorry for the deleted post-my fingers get too fast some times resulting in typos :)

Sally said...

That is gorgeous Helen. See what you mean about your boo boo! Lol!

Carla said...

Nice job on your first scissor fob! I just finished my first one too :)
Sorry about the boo-boo, but I'm sure you made a Julia very happy :)