Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Thanks, UFO and A Compromise

First I want to say thank you for all the good wishes while Ive not been feeling well. I went to the GP yesterday because the continual headaches are beginning to worry me. She was able to rule out any upsets with my BP was that was a relief. She has done lots of blood tests, given me some tablets, which are just anti-inflammatories and I have to go back next Tuesday.
On Secret garden I had to make a compromise. Lynda Bodkin the designer said she thought the legs looked wobbly on my infill and suggested adding a couple more threads and rewinding a little tighter. So I unpicked all the flower infills and did as she advised only to find that I had wrapped the horizontal and vertical threads as one and not the two I needed for the flowers. By this time I came to the decision that the flowers were just not meant and substituted them with a spiders web infill. I then finished the cross stitch and did the line of rice stitch below, but found the thread I needed for the next row had gone missing. I have had the cushions of both sofas and searched everywhere I can think of and its not come to light so decided to just order a new one from sew and so. Well you cant order just one thread can you so I ended up ordering half a dozen new DMC perle threads lol.
Although I have not been able to consentrate for long on stitching I did get some of my ufo done yesterday. This is last times pic

And this was yesterdays so a little progress was made
I have now got Fairies at the Bottom of my Garden out and hope to stitch on that for a couple of days.


Julie said...

Secret Garden looks lovely, the spiders web looks OK to me, i wouldn't have known any different

congrats on doing some of the UFO even though you are not 100%

hope the tablets help

BeckySC said...

WOW!!!! Secret Garden is LOVELY !!!! WOW!!

Sally said...

Secret Garden is gorgeous Helen as is your UFO.

I do hope the tablets help and you're feeling 100% soon.

Carla said...

Secret Garden looks wonderful....greatjo on your UFO!

Stitcher said...

They are both lovely

Edda said...

Hope you are feeling better Helen.
The Secret Garden looks absolutely stunning.

All the best,

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

again ....I love this this picture.