Tuesday, 8 May 2007

UFO Night Update

The first picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and the second picture is tonights. It really doesnt look as though I have made much progress but at least the cloak is finished now. All the beads are on it and the gold work is all done, though the picture doesnt look as though the gold is done on the little motifs that are on the cloak. I would have done more but silly me has lost her page with the bottom of the dress on in my working copies so I will have to get that sorted out again before next week.

Anyway they say its an ill wind, so as I could not carry on with CS tonight I made a start on this months Heirloom Christmas. Lines 16, 17 and 18 this time which doesnt actually look very much ------- mmm will have to see what I think when I get to the end of them.

I do keep meaning to be good and not look at charts, and I really have been trying but today I have been looking for a gift for a stitching friend, and what should I come across but Just Nan's Lady Scarlets Journey. Its another one like Barnabee's Quest that is done in three parts but it is so lovely, and it really would compliment Barnabee and 4 Wishes. Also while in the Just Nan section I saw the new one Sally has ordered which is Queen of the Needle and that too is absolutely beautiful. Oh dear, now how long is it until my birthday lol.


BeckySC said...

Looking BEEutiful :)

Julie said...

LOL Helen, did you not see the JN Lady Scarlets Journey on my wish list on the blog, it's been there for months

good progress on Celtic