Friday, 18 May 2007

Dippy and the Garden

Well I am pleased to say that I am now up to date with "Dippy", now like everyone else I am just longing for part 8 to come out and wondering what will go in the middle for part 9.
Luckily the threads I got from Lekker seem to be a perfect match. I am still waiting for the threads from Jayne, but as I really love these colours it will not matter if I have extras. I have to say that the more I use the Dinky Dyes threads the more I love them.

Despite all the rain we have had over the last couple of weeks (or maybe because of it) the garden is flourishing and I just have to leave you with some pictures of my lovely early flowers.


Carol said...

Serendipity is looking gorgeous Helen! I've been saving the parts to definitely stitch it up one day. I'm looking forward to finding out what's going to be in the middle too!

Your flowers are looking beautiful too! :o)

BeckySC said...

OOOH, it looks lovely, Helen :)

Love your flower pics :)

Have a lovely weekend :)

Sally said...

Dippy is looking beautiful Helen. I do love the colours you chose for it.

Love the flowers in your garden.

Carla said...

Nice progress on Dippy!

jane said...

Oh Helen you are way ahead of me now! I have only just started part 6 so I have some catching up to do. Your is looking great - love the colours

Julie said...

Dippy is looking gorgeous Helen and so are your flowers