Thursday, 14 February 2013

Muddle & Mess

We are having a new kitchen !  For anyone who has done this then I have no need to explain the title of my post.  Most of the old kitchen has come out - though I do still have a sink and a cooker, just no where to put anything.  The plumber has been, taken out the old boiler, which at the ripe old age of 42 was more than ready for retirement, and fitted a posh new one in the loft.  The posh new boiler also meant we could have the tank removed. Having the tank removed is great from my point of view as the tank cupboard is in my craft room so when we next decorate the cupboard can be removed and I will gain more space, so its not all bad.  The bad was all the floorboard up and the mess it created up here.  Add that to the all the dust etc from removing the old kitchen, lots of tiles and the boiler you will fully understand the mess and the dust everywhere.  This weekend the plasterer is coming to get it all replastered, followed by the electrician to put the new plug sockets fronts on.  Oh yes the electrician had to come too as I am going from a stand alone gas cooker to an electric integral oven and a lovely ceramic hob, so all the wiring had to be put in for that which meant lots of chiselling out of the plasterwork to create runs for the wires - a bit more dust lol.
We did think ahead and put a few plates, mugs, bowls and some cutlery in a seperate box so we could get at them easily but that is as far as it goes, you do not realise how many bits are taken out the cupboards and popped back without thinking whilst cooking a meal.  "Where's the cheese sauce ? " (looking at a meal) and the reply "sorry cant find the cornflour" seem in some variation or another to be a daily event.  Oh well enough grumbling I am sure it will be worth it in the end.

Due to the dust stiching is being put away properly in the day, instead of just at the side of my sofa where it normally resides.  This means getting everything out again in the evening and some evenings there was a could  not be bothered element, so not a lot has got done this week but here is the progress so far.

As you can see there is just the bottom row to do now, 4 more "frames" and a bit of twirly stuff and then the numbers to put in.  I think I will just stick with this now as I am so close, but please don't expect that to be done in a day or two, a week or two maybe.  Wow then I can bring another WIP (or UFO to be exact) out for an airing. 

I have been in a "colouring pictures" mood so I ran off a couple of images from La Pashe "Best of 2012" Just Inklined CD.  Those and the Promarkers were put to good use in amusing me for a while and three of them have now been made into cards. 


For some reason these look far duller on here than they do in explorer, also since I took these pictures they have had some twinkly bits added.  I will have to try taking a better picture before I add them to my facebook album.  Maybe its just the quality of light at the moment the days have been so dull.

Well off to see what cards I need to get made for March now.  Have a lovely day and for those who have taken the time to read my ramblings then I thank you.

Oh and one last thing - I seem to have lost my link to Bloglines (or whatever it was called).  Can anyone point me in the right direction as I cannot remember the names for all the blogs I used to follow and I would love to catch up again.

May your frogs stay in their ponds.