Saturday, 19 October 2013

Garden of Virtues

I am enjoying stitching this little sampler and so far its been pretty easy going.  I changed the colour for the writing as the one suggested was almost invisible as it was almost the same colour as the fabric, which is an antique white.  Apart from that I have actually stuck with the recommended colours, most unusual for me when I am doing a sampler.  There is still a feeling of doom when I think about returning to the blue dress, but I will see how I feel once this one is finished.

Still rushing about all over the place, trying to finish cards and my grandsons new advent, which I will show you when its complete.  Since I last posted we have booked a holiday for the end of November, which means I have to have everything done for Christmas before then as there won't be time when we get back.  On top of selling a house, child minding duties, visiting mum everyday, and everything else that needs to be done in and around the home, I shall end up tying myself in a knot soon.  On which note I shall love you and leave you until I get a minute to do another post.

May your frogs stay in their ponds.

PS  ooohhh   my signature has suddenly returned - I do hope it stays.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Not so much missing -

I am talking about my mojo.  It is not so much missing but more walked out in disgust.  Now as you may have realised both the mojo and I struggle to find inspiration in stitching the Quiltmakers blue skirt.  Yes the effect is great - but the stitching much of which is done in a sort of checkerd design or alternate stitches in one shade and the one between in another, the trouble is when you are actually stitching it they all look exactly the same colour.  Well last weekend we decided it must be tackled, the mojo didn't like the idea but I still ploughed on, and I had done a fair chunk by Sunday night.  However I was tired and didn't put my stitching away on that night so imagine my horror when I came down the next morning to see in the cold light of day a big mistake - yes right at the beginning of my weekend stitching.  I spent most of Monday with the frogs giggling on my shoulder.  Since then the mojo deserted me and alas not a stitch this week.


In an attempt to temp it back I have sorted out a small chart by Lori Birmingham called Garden Virtues - I thought a new start and something that will not take too long to complete might do the trick.  Cross your fingers and hope my ruse works so that I will see you all again soon.

Helen x

May your frogs stay in their ponds.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Late Progess Report

I have been so busy this last couple of weeks.  Up above my head with making Christmas cards, which I love doing, but they take up so much time.  I didn't think I had made much progress at all in the last couple of weeks but I rather impressed with myself now I have seen the pictures.

I took pictures last week but never got the chance to share, so this is how I was doing back then

the front door was finished
and the Quiltmaker had a little more gown and a bit more quilt
Things are getting there slowly
the door pillers are in place and the top of the door completed and also have started the window surround so very please with how this one is going
the quilt is growing though I couldn't face any more of the blues last week.  This week I have started with the blues but I think it will only be a few rows at a time.
Well that is it for tonight my dear friends - will try and be a little bit more chatty next time but so much to do and oh so little time.

Hugs to you all

May your frogs stay in their ponds.