Friday, 9 July 2010

Your wishes...

I just wanted to pop on with a quick thank you or three.

Firstly thanks to all those who sent me links to small maple leaves both here and by private mail, there are one or two which i think I can adapt for my needs.

Secondly thanks to so many who (again both here and privately) have sent me good wishes and hugs for my mum. She went to see the hip specialist, her gp had refered her too. on Tuesday. The gp had said this chap might be able to give her a special kind of injection which would ease the chronic arthritis in her right hip. However the specialist said that the problem is not the arthritis but the hip itself and that she needs a replacement. Aparently apart from the problems with her chest she is in excellent health (well some good news) but they cannot actually operate until the problems with her chest are sorted out. So that is something for the future lol - just in case i run out of things to do.

Her appointment with the Respitory Specialist is not till the 23rd August but there are a number of tests he wants carried out before he sees her, and these start a week on monday with a CT Deep Chest scan, and seem to run out at about one a week till august. One is a deep breath test - which to me sounds like one of these things where you blow in a tube - but surely they would not send a hospital appointment just for that. Oh well we wait and see and in the mean time try and laugh about all the leaflets they send with information - most of which seems to be warnings about what this that and the other can do to you and what can go wrong - and there were we thinking these things were designed to make her better.

She is at last beginning to eat a little more - thank you god for small mercies, not very significant maybe but in the last three months she has lost almost a stone and a half in weight, which for someone with hardly any fat on her to start with is a bit alarming. Mind we laugh as she keeps trying to be modern with trousers that slip down on her hips all the time. I have told her I am going to get some crop tops for her so she can show off her midriff and she has suggested having her belly button pierced.

Well its 4am and I am going to go back to bed and see if there is any chance of getting at least an hours sleep tonight, though I must admit I feel wide awake at the moment, I doubt I shall at 8am in the morning lol.

Goodnight all and will try and do a stitchy related post with piccies in a day or two - I have taken them just that hubby has not had the time to download them and I cannot do that on my computer.


May your frogs stay in their ponds.

Friday, 2 July 2010

I need a maple leaf!!

Can anyone help - I need a small maple leaf design to incorporate into a wedding sampler I am trying to design for a special couple. I have tried freebies on the internet and they are all too large and I have searched all my Jo Versa and Jane Greenoff sampler books and they have nothing. If anyone has anything or can suggest a chart that has small maple leaves in its design I would be grateful.


May your frogs stay in their ponds.