Friday, 2 April 2010

Third Time Lucky -

- I hope. This has posted twice and deleted the body of the mail each time, so apologies to anyone who opened the last post and found nothing but my signature.


... though not everything is actually in its place yet.

Many of you may remember my craft room, it was lovely and I was thrilled when it became a craft room BUT the furniture was old and adapted to cope rather than designed to cope. A couple of old dressing table bases, each with two large draws. Three Small Wardrobes (if anyone out there is as old as me they may remember Liden Furniture which was a forerunner to Ikea), two of which had been fitted with shelves to hold my stash. Lastly between the two cupboards was a fixed shelve where my computer sat. This has all done well but it had come to the stage that the cupboards were so full I had to clear a shelve everytime I wanted something as it always seemed to be the bit at the bottom I wanted and all the excess was piling up round the walls. In short it was beginning to look more like a junk room than a craft room. So my darling hubby suggested that it was time we looked for something a little more planned for the job of storage.

Off we went to look what was available and the result was a revamped craft room with a place for everything. As yet not everything is in its place but slowly it is getting there. I have a large plastic box on the floor that is full of charts and kits that need to be filed away, and most of the files need a good sorting anyway so thats going to be an ongoing task for a while I think. Also some of the smaller boxes you will see have contents which make it hard to fit the lids on so I am slowly getting some bigger boxes and reorganising the contents of the smaller ones - again

something which is going to take a while, but who cares I now have room for even more stash if I want it.

Unfortunately there are not 48 hours in each of my days - which is something I badly need - so whilst I have been playing - oooh sorry I mean working - the stitching has been cast slightly to one side. I have done a little and I can now see an end in sight for the blues of Quiltmakers dress. I got a little more of the quilt done too.
I also did some more on I Still Do, but after frogging one section only to stitch it again with the same mistake in, it was put away in disgust for a week or two.

Now everything is organised, at least to a degree, I can start to sort out the threads to use for Jingle Bells Farm, though there is a slight problem and that is finding the chart - yep you guessed its in that big plastic box somewhere lol.

I am enjoying the Easter weekend as we have my little grandson (not so little now though) to stay with us over the weekend. He has been with us since he broke up from school on Wednesday and is staying until Sunday afternoon. Poor wee might is not feeling too well tonight though so I am hoping he will be feeling better tomorrow and the sun will shine so that we may go Easter Egg Hunting at Calke Abbey. I can now tell you that we had a lovely day at Calke and it was warm and bright. We did a second egg hunt at Kedleston this morning but though this was forcast as the best day over the bank holiday it drizzled on and off and was rather cold, but fun was had none the less.

Thank you once again to all those who manage to get to the end of my ramblings and even more so to those who make it all worth while by commenting. Bless you all

May your frogs stay in their ponds.