Monday, 24 August 2009

Where do I begin....

It has been a whole month since I last had the time to blog. I have been stitching though not as much as I would like but I think I will start with updates on Water Tiger. I am now working on page 6 but this is how he looked at the end of page 5. I really am behind schedule on him so when I return from my holidays I am going to have to work, work, work on this.

The next one to show is my EMS Rose Sampler. You may remember when I last showed this one that I was looking for an alphabet to replace the one I didn't like. Well Dani suggested I use some lines from a poem instead and I just loved that idea. My only problem was finding something I liked. I spent ages but the things I could find really didn't mean anything too me. Then I remembered a little verse from my childhood, something about roses along my winding drive. It took me ages to find the verse which is called "In My Little Garden". It is a sort of counting poem and the 2nd verse was - In my little garden, along the winding drive, roses growing brightly - three - four - five. It was just the thing I wanted and so I have used that. Since this picture was taken I have finished it apart from the rest of the verse so I hope to get a happy dance within the next week or so - hoping I can get the time to finish it before the holiday.

I did also put a few more stitches into "I still do" but not enough progress to show a picture yet.

Cards - I have sent out quite a few but as a lot of them were made at the last minute I didnt take pictures. Having said that here are a few that I did take pictures of -
This one for Colly was so sparkly that I just kept getting flash back on the camera so ended up having to lay it on its back to take a picture.

The next for Moll was another sparkly one but I finally managed to get a decent picture of that.

This was for our dear friend David and though you cannot tell from the picture the little windows opened and they had acetate in them to look like glass. Also the chair is decoupaged but again you cannot tell from the picture.

The last was for my Aunt and was inspired by a conversation her and my Mum had about the struggles they had as children trying to fasten their long boots with button hooks.

Lastly the thing I need to share with you are some of the lovely cards and goodies that I got for my birthday earlier this month.

These are the lovely hand made cards I got, they were beautiful.
The little tag you can see sticking up from the white flower card was a beautiful matching bookmark which fit in its own little pocket inside the card.

Below some of my lovely birthday gifts ......

stitching things

card making things
special gooies

I was just so spoilt and it was wonderful.

I have not unfortunately had any time to read blogs and I am quite lost as to what is happenening to everyone but you are in my thoughts often. I have made so many wonderful friends both from stitching and blogging and though I have not been to visit does not mean that you never pop your heads into the corner of my mind. Once my holiday is over I am going to clear my bloglines and start again with it. When I first started I just seemed to pop anything and everything into it and it has become unmanagable - well if i wish to do anything else with my life it has lol.

Thank you once again for visiting and especially those dear friends who understand and still leave comments - bless you each and everyone. I hope you are all well and happy and I am sending loving hugs your way just in case you are needing them.

May your frogs stay in their ponds.