Monday, 1 September 2008

An Hello, A Goodbye and I Still Do...

First the picture that would not load last night, K for the Kalanchoe flower. Sorry Julie I did not take the ivy leaves and anyway one looks much like another lol.
We got our holiday confirmation but I think I was having a senior moment when I mentioned it last night. I said the date was the 21st July - errrrr where did that come from - silly me it is the 21st September; yes just under three weeks to go. We are off to get some much needed sunshine sailing down the Nile. I would say some culture too but maybe you need a brain for that bit and mine seems to have gone on its own holiday just lately.

I did stick to my plan and worked on I Still Do today. I have got another year (on Saturday) to get it done but I will have to do more than I have managed to day if I am to be finished in time. I did spend quite a bit of time on it and only frogged a couple of stitches but the end result is not very impressive. I achieved what you see of the top right side motif. I enjoyed stitching this but just feel it doesnt look much for the time I put in - oh well such is life.
Back to Come & Share tomorrow. Sorry Rachael, Andy won't let you come to my house again if you start buying all the charts you liked lol. Oh never mind just blame me I have broad shoulders.
Today my family all arrived back from France where they had enjoyed a lovely holiday and I admit it was lovely to see them again, especially my darling grandson who seems to have shot up - can a child possibly grow that much in three weeks?
Their arrival home also meant the departure of Jules from our lives. She was so thrilled and excited when they arrived at our house but when it came to them going home she was rather reluctant to leave - oops have we been spoiling her too much. I must admit the house has seemed very empty tonight without her as she always seems to pick the most inconvenient place to settle down.
This photo was taken yesterday up at Beacon Hill.
Christine - Shiona said that the only needlework shop they found seemed very expensive and did not appear to have anything very different to what we can get here far cheaper.
Another nice thing was that Nicola (Tales from My Needle blog)phoned me tonight. Unfortunately it was just as David and Debbie had arrived to collect the dog so I was unable to chat for long, but we are going to meet up with her and her DH on Saturday so will have plenty to chat about then. It is very exciting after all these years to suddenly be meeting so many stitching friends. I am really looking forward to it.
Tomorrow I am picking Oz up and then my mum and we are all going out somewhere for the day. Oz is looking forward to a day with Granny and Great Granny wonder if he thinks he might get a little spoilt lol.
Well my eyes are closing and its well past my bedtime so I will say goodnight to you all.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
may your frogs stay in their ponds.


Anonymous said...

Your stitching is looking as lovely as ever! I hope you will enjoy your upcoming vacation.

Kathy A. said...

Lovely stitching Helen. Get a date wrong - never!!! Spoil grandchildren and grandpets - never!!! Boy are we alike in some ways. How exciting for you to meet another stitcher through the blogs.
Enjoy that vacation girl

Kathy A. said...

Lovely stitching Helen. Get a date wrong - never!!! Spoil grandchildren and grandpets - never!!! Boy are we alike in some ways. How exciting for you to meet another stitcher through the blogs.
Enjoy that vacation girl

Mylene said...

Great stitching updates, Helen.

Anonymous said...

LOL What he doesn't know won't hurt him!!
I love the flowers on the K,very pretty.
Have a great time on the Nile!!
Aww I bet you will miss Jules(your foot warmer)
I hope you have a great day with Oz and your Mum!!

Angela said...

Lovely stitching. After all this rain the Nile and sunshine sounds delightful, my sister did it a few years ago and loved it.

I'm sure you will miss Jules, but every cloud has a silver lining, so just think of all the rian you won't have to take her out for a walk in ;-)

Julie said...

the 'K' looks so bright and colourful. I Still Do is growing too. A spot of sunshine sounds like a lovely idea, hope you have a wonderful time. Enjoy your day with Oz.

becca said...

Your stitching is awesome. Love the colors. Hope you have a great time on your trip.

staci said...

Beautiful stitching :) And I'll have to stop by here again when my hubby is home from work to show him the pic of the carving and dog~~he loves both ;)

Lelia said...

Awesome stitching : ) Awww, such a sweet dog picture!!

Brigitte said...

Very nice progress pictures. I know what it feels like when you stitch for hours and have only a small piece done. But with me it's always like that because I'm a slow stitcher, lol.

I hope you will have a nice get-together with Nicola.

Ruth said...

Sailing down the Nile! I am sooooo jealous!!!! HAve a WONDERFUL time -- travel safely and we'll all be waiting for a full report.

Beautiful stitching! I just love your floral alphabet.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Pretty Kalanchoe. Never heard of those flowers before ^.^ Guess I learn something new everyday. I enjoy seeing your progress on EMS Garden Alphabets. Hope you'll stitch on it more.

I Still Do is coming along nicely as well.

Enjoy your upcoming vacation and hope you have an unforgettable time!

Sally said...

The K looks gorgeous, Helen, and ISD is looking good too.

Hope you have a great holiday. Not long to go. Wish I was going on one long one to get away from our neighbours!

Karan said...

Good progress on both lovely pieces Helen. Great pic of Jules, though the Green Man looks a bit stern. :0)
You're going to Egypt! Oh I'm so envious! Am sure you'll have a fantastic time - please take lots of pics to post when you get back. :0)
Enjoy the family & meet up days. :0)