Sunday, 31 August 2008

Kalanchoe and Ivy

Blogger has decided it is going to act up today and will not allow me to put a photograph in though i will keep trying to add the picture to this post.

I have not done a lot of stitching this week, or at least not a lot that I am willing to share at this moment. I have on and off all week worked on my UFO. I am really pleased that I got not only the Kalanchoe flower done but also managed a little on the ivy too, though i have not bothered to show you the boring ivy. I quite enjoyed this flower - mainly as there was not b/s involved. I am going to print off the next flower before moving on and will try to keep to once a week on this one.

I am trying to get back into my routine now and will work for a while on Come & Share tonight but tomorrow I want to try and make it back to Mondays being I Still Do day, and I will return to Come & Share on Tuesday. This is not one that seems to be grabbing my attention so unless things alter over the next few days then I will be moving on Wednesday to whatever comes next in the rota.

I do have quite a number of other things in the pipeline but I think rather than upset my routine I am going to work on those first thing each morning for an hour or two and then spend any other time i have in the day on rota matters.

Yesterday we went to Rutland which is the smallest county in England. We took Jules for a good walk but had to back track as we would have needed the whole day to get round the lake and we only had about 4 hours. It was lovely, warm and very enjoyable walk though.

Today we didn't go quite so far afield but headed for Beacon Hill near Woodhouse Eaves. Unfortunately the weather was not so kind to us and by the time we had got half way round the rain was falling steadily. We did get rather wetter than we need have done but it was just so warm neither of us could be bothered to get out coats out of the bag.

This week I have been given another three awards this time by Karan, Angela and Henny. Thank you ladies they are much appreciated ( though i will not bore everyone by adding them again they are all in my sidebar anyway) ot is just so nice to find so many people really like my blog. No one has actually said to me - you have been given this because no one else gave it you, however I have seen that written in some blogs. How sad to give someone an award not because you admire their blog but because you feel sorry for them - lol this to me rather seems to take away from the point of an award. Am I the only person who feels like this?

I do hope Kathy, Dani and Beatrice are having a wonderful get together weekend. I do not feel quite as envious as I have done in the past as now I have my weekend get together for the Crafty Natter forum to look forward to.

Keep your fingers crossed for me - we have booked a holiday for the 21st July and we are just awaiting confirmation that one part of it is available to us. I will tell you all about it next time if we get that confirmation.

Oh and one last thing I got these beautiful virtual flowers from Lynn during the week just as a thank you for being her friend, arent they lovely and isnt that a lovely thing to do. It made my day.

... and just to prove how arkward blogger is I tried again to put in a perfectly normal photo and it still will not let me even though it has allowed this. Silly machine.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend doing whatever it takes to make you happy. Thank you once again for being kind enough to visit me here in my little corner of the universe and most of all thank you for all your lovely comments which never fail to amaze me.

Hugs to all,

may your frogs stay in their ponds


Julie said...

Mr Stick and I are looking forward to seeing your UFO, ivy and all LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, blogger can be a pain.
I am looking forward to the meet up as well as I have had to pull out of the Quilting day,and I am not happy about it,but I suppose the kids needing new shoes for school comes first!
I have got Come and share as well now, It was only £2 so a great bargin,You do know it's your fault (LOL) showing me your WIP of it!!

Christine said...

Blogger has a mind of its own.
We shall have to look forward to seeing the kalanchoe and ivy another time ;)
By the way, I did get a length of linen banding as well at the French needlework shop, but it wasn't very photogenic. Mostly though, things were either stuff I could get at home anyway or they were really expensive

Karan said...

Looking forward to seeing the update pics....when Blogger stops being a pain.
The holiday sounds intriguing. Have a good time at the get together too. :0)
Nice flowers too - lovely gesture from a lovely lady. :0)