Sunday, 3 August 2008

Help! I'm Exhausted

Later this month my son and dil and Oz along with my daughter are all off to France for three weeks. Peace you might think - not a chance Mum & Dad are being left in charge of Jules.

This is Jules and this weekend we had her to stay for a couple of nights - a sort of trial run as she has never stayed overnight with us before. She came Friday and we took her for a good long walk before bedtime. Saturday we were up early and following breakfast we went for another long walk. Home, some shopping and some lunch and then off for another long walk. Home tea and another long walk. Today and a little longer in bed (well it is Sunday) and a more leasurely breakfast and then off out - yes you guessed a long long walk - finally home again for a quick cuppa, pack her things up, take her home and collect Oz. Its years since I last did that much walking - probably since Jules did that much walking too - i think she was relieved to go home for a rest lol. I have come to the conclusion that when she comes for three weeks we will all be a stone lighter at the end of it. She looks a real old lady but she is only about four years old. The grey face is what does it but she has been like that since they got her when the RSPCA thought she was about 10 months old. She is the loveliest nature you could wish for and though not quite as obedient for us as she is for her master she is still reasonably well behaved and polite.

I have been stitching on ISD this week, with not a lot of stitching time it seems better to just stick to one thing at a time at the moment.
I got my DHs initials done and finished the long motif that runs across the centre at the top. I am quite pleased with the progress this time round.

Not sure what to do next. I have Gigi to stitch and there are two parts this month but neither is very big. I also have to finish stitching this months section of EMS Rose. And there is also The Quiltmaker which is the next thing in my rota. I also have several small things to stitch, two for charity and two for gifts but I really do not feel in the mood for stitching little fiddley bits at the moment. Will just have to see how the mood takes me when I next get to the stage of having five minutes to stitch - which I am hoping might be tomorrow evening.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. I am slowly trying to keep up with blogs and to a degree managing this by leaving one big reply which covers several posts. Please forgive me if I have not got to you but I will get there eventually - promise.

Thank you for continuing to visit and leave such lovely comments, they really keep me going.

may your frogs stay in their ponds


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Jules has the sweetest face! Love the deep reds in your stitching!

Anonymous said...

You have been busy with Jules. I think she enjoys staying with you going for the long walks. Hope all goes well when she comes to stay with you. Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

Daffycat said...

Jules looks like a sweetie! I hope you all will enjoy being roomies!

Miss 376 said...

the colours look stunnning together, really striking. Whatever you decide to do next, enjoy it

Anonymous said...

ISD looks great, What does the 'M' stand for?
Oh what a lovely looking Doggie! Helen, you must let the dog rest,poor thing!! lol

Brigitte said...

Oh wow, this dog keeps you busy but you never get that great exercise when just stitching, lol.

Your progress picture looks very good. Looking forward to seeing one of The Quilter. And I love the friendship stitching you received from Ann - it's so lovely with all its little details.

Thanks for the link to Calke Abbey. I was haing a wonderful stroll through the sites going with the link.

Doris said...

i love the floos that you use,is perfect to the fabric.

Erica said...

Well Jules certainly is going to keep you hopping!
I hope it will not be too hard for you to give her back after her 3 week visit with you.
It is so easy to become attached to these guys!
Your stitching looks great as always. I do love the colors in ISD.

Beatrice said...

Jules looks like a lovely dog.
She'll keep you in good shape!

Your stitching looks very pretty.

I'm glad you like the lily I will post some more flowers as I go.
Have a look at todays you'll love this one.

stitcherw said...

What a sweetie, sounds like you all got quite a bit of unexpected exercise. Glad you had such a good time with Oz on his visit too, sounds like the Abbey was a wonderful place for a field trip.

Your Stitching Friends exchange plan sounds like a lot of fun, and they turned out lovely. ISD is looking so pretty too, the coloring is so rich. Good luck figuring out what to stitch on next when you have some time, sounds like you have quite a few in the works.

~Tammy said...

Jules is a darling. I'm sure she is absolutely relieved to be home for a rest. Cute!

Your stitching is lovely!

Carol R said...

Great stitching!
Jules has a lovely face

Sally said...

ISD is looking lovely Helen.

Jules looks so sweet! Have fun!

I am behind again on blogs and just thought I'd sit quietly for an hour catching up before I go tackle some ironing. I have an inner ear infection so staying upright is a bit or art as when I'm still I feel like I'm moving! Lol!

Jacky said...

Helen, I have nominated you for the Brilliant Blogger Award. If you can, please stop my blog to pick up the award. All the info is there.

Julie said...

ISD looks gorgeous.
Happy Birthday, hope you are having a wonderful day.
Jules looks gorgeous.

Pumpkin said...

Helen, you do some beautiful work! Can you tell me the designer of ISD?

If you are looking to loose weight, then Jules is a good thing! LOL! I thought she would have been much older too.

Karan said...

Jules looks like a nice gentle-natured dog. Hope the weather stays fine for all those walks! :0)
ISD is coming along nicely - just love the thead colour.