Friday, 23 March 2007

Church Windows

The large church window is now finished and I have made a start on the small church window, which hopefully will not take anywhere near as long. Just the bells to go then. I had hoped to finish the large church window the other day but had forgotton about the backstitch. It was a long job and I dont think it really made a deal of difference after all that. I am really looking forward to finishing this, the first in my set of five hardanger buildings.

I spend some time with Oscar my four year old grandson, teaching him to stitch this afternoon. We are using plastic canvas and the full six strands of thread and he has a no 22 needle. He got on quite well, he seems fine at coming up from the back of the work but gets very muddled about where to go back in at the front, I was expecting it to be the other way round, lol thats how much Granny knows. As I was trying to teach him to keep his crosses all going the same way it was actually easier to turn his work upside down to make the return journey. We did two rows and then Grandpa came home and he lost interest in stitching lol. Still we hopefully will get another go tomorrow.

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Julie said...

your church window looks lovely Helen

well done Oscar LOL