Monday, 19 March 2007

Answer for Mo

I am still not back in a stitching mode, I have been doing a little of my church window, but its nowhere near done and I know it would normally have only been a couple of days stitching. I am getting on well with catalouging my charts. Most of the normal charts are now listed and I am doing well with the ones in the magazines too. Thought I would have a rest and catch up on blogs, etc.

I only had one question and that was from Mo who wanted to know where abouts in Glasgow I lived. It was in Ibrox, almost opposite Bellahouston Park, which I looked over from my bedroom window. I still remember it as my Gran lived there until I was in my teens. When the children were younger I took them to show them where I had lived, and what a shock. What had been a nice area was almost a slum and there was a motorway running right across Paisley Road so there was no way I could get to take them over to the park.

I will hopefully find my stitching bug before tomorrow, ufo day, hopefully it will be the nudge I need to get me back into it.


Sally said...

Hope you get your stitchy bug back soon Helen. Mine is full pelt at the moment and I can't get on fast enough! LOL!

The Chatelaine in the Gift of Stitching was in the October issue. I didn't start getting it until January so I ordered the back issue!

Mo said...

Hi Helen Thanks for your answer. I lived in Cardonald (in fact on Paisley Road West) for a while and used to go running in Bellahouston Park on a Saturday morning. I was fit then! Yes, huge parts of Glasgow were demolished to make way for motorways running through the city and Ibrox is a bit run down these days.

The people I've tagged aren't interested, in fact one even removed my tag comment :-(

Julie said...

Mr Stick and Julie saying Hi LOL

I hope you get your stitching bug back, i'm looking forrward to seeing Celtic again