Thursday, 22 March 2007

Serendipity and Better Solutions

This is my first part of the 9 part Serendipity Chart freebie from Papillon Creations. I am using Dinky Dyes floss in Gum Leaves, Cloudy Skies and Wild Cherry. I loved the blue and the green but they are very similar shadings and felt I wanted something much brighter to contrast with them, as I haven't got a lot of DD floss I was a little limited in my choice but think the pink does the job nicely and I am please with the result.

Work on my church window was slow earlier today but late this afternoon my Thread Heaven suddenly disappeared, even though I had used it only minutes earlier lol. I couldnt be bothered to search for it so went and got a piece of wet tissue and ran down the thread as I had heard this method could be used on silk. Wow the improvement was noticable immediately, thread sliding through fabric far easier and not tangling at all. So despite finding my Thread Heaven again this is what I have been using, and I have got on so much quicker. I am hoping to get the large window done tonight.

Also want to thank everyone who leaves messages on my blog. Its nice to know you are reading my blog and I hope enjoying it, and when I have an off day it really bucks me up.


Mo said...
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Mo said...

These are gorgeous colours. Neat eyelets too :-)

Ann T said...

Colours are beautiful :o)

Julie said...

serendipity looks lovely Helen

you can have my bad days if you like, this week they've been here every day!!! hoping next week will be better LOL