Friday, 9 March 2007

Oh What A Day

I finally managed to finish the top of Loopylou's "Secret Garden". I spent most of yesterday trying to get the hang of the flower infill, and I can tell you it took a lot of self control for this not to end up in the bin or on the fire. I don't think Ive ever cursed anything as much as I did them damn flowers. Im still not completely happy about them but I just can't be bothered to try anymore. They have been done, undone, redone and undone again countless times. I am definitely glad to be putting this back in the box this time.

Last night we had a visit from my son and dil and a very subdued Oscar. He had been riding on a scooter at school when he had an accident and hit his eye against the handlebars. Ouch poor wee mite I felt so sorry for him, but I am sure he would have been the hero of the playground when he got to school today. If the picture taken last night is anything to go by he will have a real shiner to boast about today.

Tomorrow will see "Fairies At the Bottom of My Garden" come out of the box. Thank goodness this is a fun and relaxing one to stitch, so frog take note and please keep away for the next few days.


Ann T said...

Awww! poor Oscar, hope he is feeling better today.

Julie said...

ouch! that looks painful, poor little sweetheart

Loopylou looks good Helen, not tried that stitch before