Friday, 16 March 2007

Getting things organised

I haven't really been in the mood for stitching for the last few days. I did a little (and I mean a little) on "Bless Our Home" and then it went in the box. Since then I have had "Hardanger Christmas Church" out. I am doing the church window at the moment but its slow progress as I havent really stuck at it.
I have not been idle though as I thought that while the stitch bug had deserted me (not for long I hope) I would tackle another job I have been promising to do for the last 12 months. First I listed my hardanger and speciality stitch charts and kits. Then I listed all my cross stitch charts and kits. It has certainly convinced me that I should not be thinking of buying any more charts for a very long time lol. The next job I have made a good start on but will probably remain an ongoing job for a very long time. I have set up a data base and I am slowly going through each cross stitch magazine I have listing all the charts, there designers, where they are in the mag, the size, what stitches they use and if beads/charms are used. I have then added a keyword section where i can note if they are suitable for card, quilt square, sampler etc and things they contain like snowman, flower, animals, scene, nostalgia etc etc. The idea is that when it is complete (lol if ever) instead of searching every magazine I own to find a chart i was sure I had seen, I will be able to type in a keyword or words and will get a list of the relevant charts. I will also know exactly which magazine they are in and even which page they are on. Some years ago I actually saw a package you could buy and type all these sort of details into and it was an astronomical cost for what it was, after all you had to do all the work inputting the information. I am just using plain old Access but I am sure it will do the same job.


Julie said...

WOW Helen, your new filing system for charts sounds challenging, that'll keep you out of trouble !!!

Mo said...

Hi Helen Just done your tag (made it stitching related). Thanks for tagging me.

The quilt pictures are also up if you want a peak