Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Not A Lot

I haven't managed a lot of stitching over the last few days. This weeks Serendipity is less than half done but will try and get done tomorrow. Though I shall probably not be home from work until after one and have to go out again for 3.o'clock to pick Oscar up from school. I will try and stitch when he is in bed tomorrow night.
Last night was UFO night and I am afraid not a lot of that got done this week either. Still as I am fond of telling myself 10 stitches means 10 less to do next time.

last weeks

this weeks


BeckySC said...

You have some lovely projects on the go :) Thanks for the email :) I will be visiting you-I have added you to my google reader :)

Julie said...

i can see progress you made on Celtic, but i'm looking for it LOL

not a lot of stitching going on here Helen either ....