Saturday, 31 March 2007

Quiltmaker Blues

I have done quite a bit on the The Quiltmaker over the last couple of days, however it doesnt look an awful lot. It was all blue as I was determined to make some sort of impression on the skirt this time round. I love this picture or a mother/grandmother teaching a child to stitch with her but the dark blues are so drab to actually stitch. She is now ready to go away and tomorrow I will get out Heirloom Christmas. Really looking forward to getting back to this as I enjoyed it so much last time round. I am also looking forward to finding out what the Absolute Mystery stitch is.

Just remember tomorrow morning is April Fools time and don't get caught out. Have fun.


Julie said...

looks lovely Helen, bet you are a bit fed up of stitching blue what with Celtic being blue too LOL

BeckySC said...

It looks just beautiful so far :)

Sally said...

it looks lovely Helen.

What do you think to the Absolute Mystery? I'm holing out for the second one as I'm not keen on blakcwork!