Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Froggy Would A Wooing Go..

I had everything sorted for a night of stitching on my Just Nan "4 Wishes" and was really looking forward to getting back to this; a piece I started when I was visiting Jayne at Jaynes Attic at the end of last year. Alas it was not to be my night, froggy was definitely getting more attention than stitching. I was doing scotch stitch, hardly the hardest of thing to do, and something I have done many times before, but for every 4 blocks I did the frog came out for three of them. In the end I have put it away in disgust and instead I have been winding my new Dinky Dyes threads onto bobbins. I will have another go at "4 Wishes" tomorrow night, so keep your fingers crossed that froggy has gone back to his pond. And long may he stay there.

1 comment:

Sally said...

I hope froggy has realised he is not welcome and taken his leave! I just hope he's not here with me now! Lol!