Sunday, 25 February 2007

HC Put Away Until April

I have now finished both the February and the March sections of Heirloom Christmas and it has been safely put away until April. The Hemstitch which I was dreading turned out to be far easier than I thought and the only bug I had was with the small Rhodes Hearts in the second lace panel. The diagram for this was most confusing and I ended up working it out on my EasyCross computer programme. I am still not sure if they are perfect but they look OK so that will have to do. They were really fiddley to do and took me an absolute age.

I tried to take a picture of the Small Rhodes Hearts but they do not really show up. However my hemstitch came out well so I have still included it.

I have sorted everything out now for my part in the Kit Up A Freebie exchange and hope to get that posted off tomorrow, along with AnnT's chosen gift from the Stay at Home Parcel.

Now for a couple of days on my UFO as I missed last weeks stint.


Ann T said...

Not surprised you wanted to carry on stitching, it's looking gorgeous

Julie said...

WOW Helen, you did fantstic on the hemstitch and the rhodes looks good too. Shame it has to go away for a while, i'll miss updates on this

Mr Stick was just wondering if you had the UFO out today for the first of your 2 day stints to catch up?? LOL

Edda said...


Your stitching on Heirloom Christmas is looking beautiful. I´ll be looking forward to seeing an update on this in April.

All the best,

Nicola said...

Helen, this is looking so gorgeous! Can't wait to see more progress on it.