Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Monday and Tuesday Catch Up

I have been out for a lovely relaxing meal tonight with a couple of my close friends Jenny and Nicola. It was good to have a night off from stitching.

Having said that I have been busy stitching today and yesterday on my Celtic Spring. As I did not do any stitching on it last week I have had two days this week as a catch up.

Really pleased with my progress as I am sure you will see a lot of difference between last times photo (top) and this weeks finish (bottom). You cannot actually see all that I have done because the gold work and beads do not show up too well in the photo but I did most of the goldwork and beads on the top half of the dark part of her dress as well as quite a bit of stitching to the dress and a lot more goldwork and filling in at the bottom front of the dress.

Really looking forward to making a start on my rota no.2 Just Nan's, 4 wishes, tomorrow evening. Tomorrow I have work in the morning and shopping with my Mum in the afternoon.


Nicola said...

You've really made good progress on this piece Helen. Julie's big stick must be working!!

Sally said...

Celtic Spring is looking gorgeous Helen. Such beautiful colours.