Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Wedding Sampler Finished

I am rather pleased with this now that it is finished. I designed it myself and there are a couple of little mistakes, the most obvious on the fence on the right hand side, but nothing that I feel I need to undo and stitch again. I am going to mount it on sticky back board to send to Goa as I dare not risk framing it to send all that way.

Looking forward to getting a bit more done on my Heirloom Christmas over the next few days. Will probably work on that over the weekend and then do my UFO on Monday and Tuesday to make up for missing last week. Wednesday I am hoping to get back to my rota.

I have most of the threads for Barnabee and I am going to hobbycraft tomorrow with my daughter so hopefully I will get the few that I am missing then, just a white Krienik and a couple of DMCs. The charms are ordered and paid for so will now hopefully be on there way so by the time I have completed another round of the rota everything should be in place to make a start. Have you guessed lol I am really quite excited about this one. In fact I think I have my next 4 newbies lined up so will have to be really good and stick to my rota so that they can get drawn in.


Lynn said...

what a lovely design, well done :)

I'm sure the happy couple will be thrilled with it, and treasure it for life.

Julie said...

looks gorgeous Helen, well done

Mon & Tues on the UFO ?? good girl !!! LOL


Sally said...

Wow, Helen, that is beautiful. I didn't realise you'd designed it yourself.