Sunday, 18 February 2007

This is the start to my wedding sampler. I am using mainly Dinky Dyes threads, the leaves are in Gum leaves, flowers are Reindeers breath and Strawberry Ice. The writing is in a DMC Metallic E3843 which is exactly the shade the groomsmen and bridesmaids had. The colours look far prettier in real live than they do on the photograph.
Unfortunately I have still had my headache today though it has eased quite a bit this evening so fingers crossed it will be gone by tomorrow. After taking two anadins this morning I decided it was a waste of time popping any more pills as I had more than my fair share yesterday and they hadnt done anything obviously it will go when its ready and not before lol.


Ann T said...

Lovely start to the wedding samapler, very pretty colours. Hope your headache has gone now.

Julie said...

looking beautiful Helen

think there must be something going about, don't want to be a killjoy but i had my headache for 5 days last week, just wouldn't go !!! hope you feel better soon

thank you for the lovely card and gift that arrived today, not seen that before, looking forward to giving it a go, you really didn't have to

Sally said...

Lovely start on the wedding sampler Helen.

I hope your headache is gone now. They're a pain when they won't go away.