Friday, 23 February 2007

A Dinky Dyes Stash Day.

This morning my wonderful postie bought me two parcels. One was from Jo of Dinky Dyes with my Winter Special Edition Pack. This contained the 5 threads on the left, this piece of wonderful fabric, the winter needleroll chart plus 2 freebie charts which I had enquired about and which Jo kindly said she would pop in my parcel.

The second was from Lekker Threads with the lovely DD silks displayed on the right. I was a bit unsure about using Lekker again after my experience at Christmas, but a 25% discount voucher was very tempting, especially when there were a number of DD silks I had been hangering after (remind me how did I work out that these were essential stash lol). They may not have been strictly essential but I do love DD threads - whether silk, floss or perle - and I know they will not be wasted. There are actually 4 more to follow when Tina gets her next order from DD.

I have been working on this months section of Heirloom Christmas and I have done two of the 4 sections allotted for this month.

I am really enjoying stitching this one. The tree was a bit of a nightmare I am sure anyone who has stitched this will agree. Not difficult just very, very time consuming and I admit I found it difficult to actually stick to the chart so ended up on a wing and a prayer rather ad libbing. Since then it has been a dream. Slightly challenging but not difficult and the diagrams have been very helpful. I am especially pleased with the lace work which I think looks really effective.


Ann T said...

Helen, stash is always essential!!! you never know when you are going to need it, so therefore you have to have it ready! lol. Heirloom is looking gorgeous, love the lacey bits.

Julie said...

love your progress on Heirloom Christmas, the lacework looks stunning.

Nice stash i've not tried DD's, might have to invest in one or two if they are that good LOL

oh yes ... and no i'm not changing my yoga day, i have to have 1 day a week where i can air my authority over others LOLOLOL