Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The Postie Came...

The postie came today HURRAY, and I got my lovely Dinky Dyes silk for the Taj Mahal project. Thank you Jayne (Jaynes Attic) for getting these for me.

Just got the beads to get and the Caron Threads now.

Thanks to all the lovely people who emailed, posted in forum and even 'phoned me to let me know about the European Cross stitch Company where I can buy my beads in a pack for the design. I shall be sending for them when I get back from my holidays. The Caron threads may take a little longer, I still need 9 and at nearly five pounds each it will mean staying on the stash wagon for a while to save up for them. I think maybe I need to join Stashers Annonymous lol..

I took another picture of EMS Garden Alphabet as I finished the C last night (well I actually did the b/s on the butterfly this morning but dont tell Julie (its Tuesday so she will have her big stick out if she thinks I have been working on something other than my UFO).
I am going to do some work on my UFO this afternoon but I am babysitting tonight so will probably take the Alphabet with me and do some work on the trellis.
Depending on how much I get done on Celtic Spring today I might do that tomorrow night too as I am going to miss the next two weeks.


Jacqui said...

Lovely stash. And your alphabet is coming along lovely.

Sally said...

Very nice stash Helen! Lots of lovely colours there. The EMS alphabet is looking brilliant.

Julie said...

EMS is so colourful

Have a great holiday

jane said...

the EMS alphabet looks lovely Helen - the colours are so vibrant!

Mo said...

These threads look gorgeous, Helen. And it's nice to see the EMS progressing too.