Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Not Enjoying the HAED

After working nearly everybit of the evening on this I have very little to show for it. There are loads of colours in that tiny bit some just used on one stitch, well quite a few are only one stitch. It is very bitty and messy to stitch and its left me feeling very frustrated. I will try and do a bit more in the morning but I do not think it will last any longer than that. Gosh its going to take a long time to complete if every time it comes out for an airing it only lasts a day or so, but never mind. My theory is that if you only do 2 stitches everytime it comes out it will still get done eventually. Maybe I should offer a prize to whoever can tell me what it is lol. I can hardly tell and I have the chart in front of me. It is actually Such is the Way of fairies and it is for my daughter. She fell in love with two HAED designs this on and Chessmates. Kindly she bought the two and then said it would be nice if we stitched one each.

Think tomorrow will have to be one of my quilt squares, I am sure I will see a little more progress on that.

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Julie said...

Lisa RAK'd me with a HAED QS Leo Helen, it's all kitted up redy to start, but i keep putting it off LOL
Good Luck on yours