Monday, 8 January 2007

I Think I've Done A Tree

I think I have at last finished my Christmas Tree. I haven't fastened off as I may need to add a little more once row 2 (the parcels under the tree) is done, however I am fairly pleased with the results. I did start off trying to do this exactly as the chart but found it quite difficult and easier to just follow the general shape of the branches and just ad lib the rest.

I also had a lovely suprise tonight when Elaine phoned me. Unfortunately she too is full of cold so not getting on too well. I know she is also busy organising RR's and SALs for the Stitch and Stash Forum. I was quite tempted to join the SAL but I have to be realistic and I have so much else to do. It was however lovely to have a little chat.

Tomorrow I shall be doing my Celtic Spring which was the oldest project in my rota but I have taken it out and I am going to do this as part of the Tuesday night UFO SAL which is being run on the Stitch and Stash forum. Hopefully I will soon get it done and then I can start on Celtic Autumn, which I bought at the same time as I thought they would look nice as a pair.


Nicola said...

Glad you are feeling a bit better Helen! That tree looks lovely. It must be difficult with something like that to stick exactly to the chart. No one but you will ever know it's not quite as charted. It's unique!

jane said...

Your tree looks lovely Helen - I did exactly the same with mine, I found it impossible to stick exactly to the chart so just put in the position of the main branches and improvised the rest. When you catch up to me I may join in and stitch along with you if that's OK as I really want to get mine finished.

Sally said...

HC is coming alonf beautifully Helen.

Susimac said...

Your Christmas tree is gorgeous.

Ish said...

That's really coming along.
Glad you are feeling better