Monday, 15 January 2007

Bluebells Update

I have finished for Sparkling Bluebells for this round of my rota and its ready to go away till next time. I am very tempted to work on this a little longer and finish it but I need to do my Tuesday SAL at the Stitch and Stash forum tomorrow and want to get on with others in my rota too.

I still have the vines and flowers at the bottom and the beads to put on but not a lot so I shall have at least one finish to look forward to in the next round of my rota.

What I do Wednesday depends on what the post brings between now and then. I am still a thread short (and one I am needing to use) for the HAED design. Also I am waiting for a linen thread to finish off my Kissy Cross Mystery Sal. It the postie arrives with the threads I will probably finish off the Kissy Cross and then move on to the HAED. If not I will probably do a quilt square and hope the threads arrive before I go away.

I have been trying to decide what stitching to take on holiday with me and think I have almost decided on the Sue Page Flower Girl. Its no.1 on my rota and is about half done. Also it is a fairly easy one to stitch. If I followed the rota order it would be EMS Flower alphabet but as this is stitched on 32 count which I struggle with these days even with the use of my magnifier then its a definite "NO" for relaxed holiday stitching. I may also take a couple of small quilt squares just in case I get lots of stitching time and finish the Flower Girl - lol think Im hoping too much.

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Julie said...

Bluebells is a stunning piece Helen, how can you put it away with so little to do....i couldn't LOL