Sunday, 21 January 2007

Last In My Rota

I have been working on the last in my rota tonight, EMS Garden Alphabet. I have done the flowers on B (the B itself was already done) and started on the flower for C. Not going too badly for saying its on 32 count linen. The picture makes the fabric look white but in real life its more a natural shade sort of beige/brown shade.

I dont know if I will find time to do much tomorrow as I still have my packing to sort out and we are going over to Shionas tomorrow night. Tuesday night we are babysitting over at Davids house so hopefully I will take it with me and get some done then. Depending on what time David gets home, and therefore we get home will depend on whether there is an update then or not.


Sally said...

Hi Helen, Just catching up on your blog and you have been stitching some lovely stuff. Love the LHN and the Krissy Kross sampler and your WIP on the EMS is gorgeous. As for your HAED don't give up! They do look like blobs for quite a while but all of a sudden you will step back and look at it and you will see something there! I have often been stitching on one of mine and thought it just looked a blob but when it suddenly looks something like it's worth all the odd stitches etc.

Julie said...

EMS is going to be very pretty Helen, it looks lovely