Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Part One of VS Heirloom Christmas Done

I am quite pleased now this is out of the way and I can put it away and forget about it until after my holidays. Having said that I have enjoyed stitching it as its been very different to anything I have stitched before.

Once the presents had been stitched I went back and added a little more to the tree and I am quite pleased with the overall effect now.

I am now looking forward to starting No 10 on my rota which is the Sweetheart Tree - Sparkling bluebells, though I have decided it is going to more of a sparkling pink bells as I have changed the colours (I wasn't keen on the blues used in this one).
I have got three little hearts and I really like the one with the pink centre but as this is the largest of the three I will just have to wait and see which one looks best when I start stitching. Hopefully I will start on this tomorrow and with any luck I will be able to post a WIP picture tomorrow.


Diana said...

That's looking great! I've got to start mine this year...

Julie said...

WOW Helen, that is so effective, it looks lovely