Thursday, 11 January 2007

A Good Start on Sparkling Bluebells

I spent most of the day trying to re-organize the Stash for the Stay At Home Parcel on the Stitch and Stash forum. We have had loads of wonderful donations and even the smallest package has been very gratefully received. It has meant that some of the charts and smaller kits I have been able to group together but I still have all the threads and odds and ends to sort out. I have taken new photographs of everything so hopefully I will be able to run a Quickie Parcel Draw before I go away with everything all ready in place.

Late afternoon I thought it was time I made a start on
Sparkling Bluebells and I am amazed at how quickly it has
grown. We are going to visit friends for dinner tomorrow night and Oscar is coming Saturday morning to spend the weekend with us but I am hoping to get some more done on this on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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Ann T said...

Lovely start Helen :o)