Monday, 30 June 2008

I Almost Still Do

I have nearly done my initials so I am quite pleased with this weeks progress.

Tomorrow I am going to order a clip-on OTT Light and that will help as I will be able to stitch more in the evenings. Since the lamp went on my work station I have been a bit lost in the evenings as stitching under the normal electric light in my den causes reflections in my magnifier which give me a headache. However I did not want another standard type lamp as I still have the clip for holding my frame and my magnifyer attached to what was the old lamp (the lamp bit having been removed), so a clip on lamp seems the ideal thing. Also I had a problem with my other light as it got so hot and as my den gets most of the days sunshine this is a very warm room anyway. I asked about and the OTT lights are very low voltage so do not get hot like normal lamps, I am also told that the "true colour" light they give off is excellent for stitching with so fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is my day for taking Mum shopping etc so it will be evening before I can stitch, but I am really looking forward to starting my Judy Dixon "Cottage Dreams" the first of the new additions to the rota.

Thank you once again for visiting my little nook and to those of you who find the time to leave me a comment. I so enjoy reading what you have to say.

May your frogs stay in their pond.


tkdchick said...

I'm so behind on my blogs... what a beautiful piece and beautiful red floss. What is it?

All things beautiful said...

Hi Helen. I'm Lee Fun of Malaysia and I enjoy doing all kinds of craft work. You have many lovely pieces on your blog and I am sorely tempted to venture into bigger projects like yours. Unfortunately, I am still working full-time & I have difficulty juggling between career, family and my passion. Still, I try to "steal" time now and then to indulge in my crafts - just to keep me sane :-) You are welcomed to visit my blog at and leave your comments.

becca said...

I just love all that red floss. This piece is going to look awesome when finsihed.

Karan said...

Hope you had a good day out with your Mum.
Would be interested to know your views on the clip on OTT light when you've tried it out.
Will enjoy watching Cottage Dreams develop. :0)

Julie said...

Enjoy your day with mum
This is growing so beautifully.
Looking forward to seeing the new start

Erica said...

Hi Helen!
I have an Ott light too! I would be lost without it. I splurged and got the magnifier that goes on the pole with the light.
The only thing I would suggest is that you get an extra light bulb to keep on hand, It is very annoying when they go. The bulbs seem to either have a very short life or they last for years! I guess I am superstitious. I feel if I have the extra bulb, then it won't burn out!

Kendra said...

You'll love your Ott light. I have a daylight lamp - identical to a Ott light bulb, but just not the Ott name on it - and I love it. It's made all the difference in the world as far as seeing colors and detail when stitching.

Doris said...

the floss is amazing, beutiful!

i use a normal electric light but make me headached too,i need to change for another.

enjoy the shopping day with your mother ;)

Sally said...

Oh wow, Helen, I Still Do is looking so pretty. I really love that thread colour.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

I have several Ott lights and love them! One is a table light and is on the end table next to my couch. The other is a floor lamp and is next to my dining room table which is where I do most of my stitching.

I love both of them and they do help you see the fabric and stitches, especially at night and if your eyes are tired or a little bit older! LOL

Let us know when you get yours and if you like it.

I just love the deep red on this piece!

Windy Meadow

Mary Ann said...

I Still Do is looking very pretty. The floss you have chosen is beautiful!

Itching To Stitch said...

This piece is looking gorgeous. I just love the thread you are using ;)