Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The White Rabbit..

"I'm late, I'm late", said the white rabbit and just like him I seem to be running late all the time recently. I feel like the dog chasing his tail, no matter how fast i go I always seem to be just that bit behind my targets. I knew this week I had a lot on and would find stitching time difficult so I have decided not to bother with my rota at all but just to try and do some bits that need doing and catch up with my sal and my ufo.
Yesterday was the day that was going to give me the most time so I devoted that to "I Still Do", I didn't get a lot done but I am pleased with my progress. I find I have to do it in quite short sessions as the 36 count is quite tiring on my eyes but I am really enjoying this. Advice please from anyone who has a collection of CC threads. I wanted to do the band across the top so that the outer parts were in the dark shade and the inner in the light shade. When I looked I had a thread called Bordeaux which was more or less the same as the darker part of Hearts on Fire, and that is what i have decided to use but now I need another shade something like the lights or the medium shade in Hearts to do the inner part. I have looked at the thread charts but the reds all look more or less the same on there so any advice would be very welcome.

And last but certainly not least look at this beautiful chart which will, I hope, not be too long working it's way into my rota. This was a gift from Karen who saw it on my wish list. Thank you so much Karen you are as always a star. I have started to kit it up ready but there are a couple that really need to go in front - I really need the time and space in my rota for at least 50 projects.


Vonna said...

Don't we all want 50 projects going at once! I have triple that waiting in the wings ;) LOL!

Your WIPS are looking great and the present from Karen is a beauty and will be gorgeous finished! So work it in ;)

Sally said...

I love how I Still Do is coming along Helen. It's a stunner.

Lovely gift from Karen.

Karan said...

Great progress on ISD - colours are lovely. Sorry, can't help with colour suggestions as I'm still working at collecting the full range of CC.
TG is another lovely design - will enjoy watching that one come round in your rotation. :0)

Karen said...

I love the colours you are using , I do not own many CC threads so I can not be much help. Glad the chart arrived I will lookforward to seeing this one stitched

Julie said...

I still do looks lovely. Nice gift from Karen. I don't have many CC threads so unfortunately cant help, sorry.

Carla said...

Lovely stitching :)
That Lanarte chart is so cute!

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

"I Still Do" is looking quite beautiful!

I'm sorry that I can't help you with the CC threads as I don't have many in my thread stash. :-(

"The Gift" looks beautiful!

Windy Meadow

Andrea said...

Wonderul progress on 'I Still Do'.