Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Quick Update on ISD

Just a very quick update on ISD. As you can see I did not get very much done this week , but just to prove there was some progress I have put a picture of last weeks below too lol. Considering how much time I actually spent stitching I am really pleased I got that much done.
Taj is already and waiting for a start later today.
I am hoping to get the middle done this time but I really think that will be impossible. No harm in hoping though.
Right I must away and get dressed or the funeral will be over before we get there.
Take care my friends, thank you once again for visiting and for all the lovely comments. Will try and reply some of you later.

may your frogs stay in the pond.


Karen said...

looks great Helen , it's coming along
Hope the funeral went ok

Julie said...

Looking good Helen.

Hope the funeral went well

becca said...

Your WIP is looking awesome.

I sent you an email.

Margaret said...

Thank you for visiting and admiring Frederick.

Love all the gorgeous pieces you are working on. I'm looking forward to seeing your next update on Taj Mahal.

Mylene said...

I love the colour you are using with this project. Looking great!

Sorry, i always forgot to give the freebie link, here it is:

jane said...

ISD looks fantastic Helen - I just love that colour. Many thanks for sharing your lovely stitching with us!

Sally said...

It looks gorgeous Helen:)

Karan said...

Good progress on ISD.
Hope the funeral went as well as these things go (((((hugs))))).

Nicola said...

Good progress Helen. Gigi is coming on well too. Love the colours you're using for it.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

You are making progress on this project! Keep stitching away and you'll be done before you know it!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I always enjoy your comments!

Windy Meadow

Christine said...

That looks fantastic Helen. What is the thread? Looks like Hearts on Fire?