Sunday, 15 June 2008

Part Five And A Half

I had hoped to be saying that part 6 was completed but unfortunately that is not the case. It is about half done and now it will have to wait until next weekend to hopefully be completed. I so want to stay up to date with both this one and Gigi.

Today I did a little more on Garden Alphabet, when I say a little more I mean all of about 40 stitches lol. Still it is progress of a kind but far from having the flower complete as I had hoped. I know I will not have a lot of time for stitching tomorrow so I am just going to stick with GA for the little bit I can get done then that too will go away till next weekend.

Monday should really be my day for the ISD sal with Dawn, but I am not going to Mums on Tuesday this week so will do it then, and as Dawn is moving house at the beginning of this week I am pretty sure she won't miss me one little bit.
Good Luck with the move Dawn and hope your internet connection goes smoothly.

After ISD will be Taj which is the last in my rota for this time. I am planning on a major overall of the rota before it starts again. Poor old Taj will not be getting much attention this week either though as time is going to be limited. Tomorrow is the lunch and hair trim I should have had on Friday but which had to be cancelled due to a migrane attack. Tuesday (shs I dont want to jinx this but it should be a day all to myself) . Wednesday I am taking Mum to a funeral, and hopefully back in time to go to the local carpet shop as she wants a carpet for her new bathroom. Thursday I am again at Mums to take her shopping and we need to pop into Derby but I need to be back early as I am picking Oscar up from school and he is coming to stay at our house till Saturday morning. Also during the week I have a card to make for Oscar and I also have a birthday cake to make and decorate for him as he will be 6 on Saturday. It has to be a rocket cake this year as his birthday party will be space themed.

I do hope Chris is reading this as she said to me today that she would like to finish work so she had time to stitch . Oh I would love time to stitch, but life is fun and there never seems to be a dull moment at our house and I guess that is what is important in life.

Thank you for all your lovely comment they really are appreciated, and just to show I take notice of what you say there is a little bit added under my signature which I am going to try to keep there. I would put it down permentantly if I could remember where I stored my signature in the first place. Someone (cannot remember who lol) has the words "of all the things I miss. I miss my mind the most" after their signature; oh they are my sentiments exactly and I know just what she means.

may your frogs stay in the pond xx


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Funny about the frogs! your alphabet project has such lovely, soft colors. Very nice. Sorry about the migrane too. I hate those things! It sounds as if you are very busy!

Susan said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Helen. I've just discovered your blog, and will definitely be back! I love the colors of your alphabet piece!

Chiloe said...

Nice progress ;)

Not everybody see life as a fun, so enjoy every minute of it !!! :-D

Erica said...

Beautiful soft colors in this one!
I can't wait to see it finished.

Helen, because of the time difference, I read your blog the very first thing in the morning. You certainly are a busy girl! --and I am still here yawning away!

Andrea said...

Wonderful progress. I bet I say this everytime I see this piece, but I do love your colour choice.

Sounds like you are going to be busy this week!

Julie said...

EMS is growing beautifully. Surely it cant be a whole year since the pirate chest??? WOW that has flown by.

Have a good week, but please take time for yourself, you are retired you know LOL

Christine said...

Every time you show that piece I fall in love with it again, the colours are gorgeous.
My mum says she doesn't know how she found time to work now that she is retired ;)

Karan said...

I can't believe Oscar is 6 already! Sounds like you're going to be really busy. Hope your head is much better after the migraine.
I've said it before & I'll say it again: EMS is stunning & I love the colours. :0)

Anonymous said...

Love your EMS Helen and can´t wait to see TAJ grow. I must say I agree with Julie and Karan, can´t believe it is already Oscar´s birthday again, it doesn´t seem THAT long since you made the pirate chest. I bet Oscar is waiting impatiently for his 6th birthday. Give him good wishes from us girls here in Iceland. :-) Hope you have a lovely week in spite of being busy - I know you enjoy what you are doing. :-) All the best to you my friend.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

Oscar will be 6! Wow they grow up fast don't they!!! :-)

EMS is just beautiful and I love the colors!

Windy Meadow

CritterLady62 said...

I love the colors and softness of your piece. I often only get in 40 stitches or so a night, but I figure it is progress of a sort. Enjoy that little one as he will be "a big boy" before you know it.

jane said...

You are so right - and put it so well. Life is fun, so I do need to enjoy it and stitch when I can. Jeni and Baby Blaine are here. The trip was long and the baby got VERY tired of her car seat. I just don't want to put her down!!

Sally said...

Sounds like you're going to have a very busy week Helen!

Your EMS sampler is beautiful.