Sunday, 22 June 2008

A Rose And A Challenge.

Last year I made a scissor fob for AnnTs birthday and she asked if I would make her another this year for her blue scissors. I thought it would be nice to do the Stich and Stash forum challenge into a scissor pocket (something I had not attempted before) and I was so pleased with it I decided to make the scissor fob for Ann to match and send them both to her. I am glad to say she liked them. I really enjoyed making this little scissor pocket. I think the hardest part was folding it so that the design was symetrical and I felt I did quite well. I was rather disappointed that having had two months and such a large choice there were only 6 pictures to show on reveal day. Karen puts a lot of work into searching out lovely freebie designs for us to choose from each month and its such a shame to get such a pathetic reaction.

I didnt get any stitching done at all yesterday and today I wanted to get EMS Rose done and out of the way as in just over a weeks time the next part will be out. I am so enjoying this one, I was really unsure about starting this, I couldnt get the colours I had originally wanted (I ordered the thread in bulk from the supplier but when it came it was nothing like the one I had in stock). Also its not the sort of thing that would normally appeal to me. However it did and by a fluke I chose the colours - or the colours chose me, I'm not sure which and I started it. Now I love it and love every stitch I put in it.
I know I have another hectic couple of weeks ahead. Mum is going to have her Living Room and Dining Room decorated. She is getting a professional decorator in to do it as I think she has given up on waiting for us. It is just so difficult when you are trying to manage your own home, help the kids with theirs - and as my daughter is buying her property on her own its always Dad she calls for help lol, and try doing everything for Mum too. I do not begrudge any of them help and we do as much as we can but it would be nice to be at a place where we could just sit down in the evening and not be rushing round like headless chickens which seems to happen far too often. Anyway Mum bless her has decided to have someone in but she has cabinets full of beautiful old and delicate china and they all have to be emptied and everything carefully wrapped and put away before the decorate comes. Luckily we have two weeks to do this but I think it is going to take a lot of doing. Also we have to go look for new curtaining fabric, and she still needs a little unit and some bits and bobs for her new bathroom.

We are also going to be having a visitor for the next couple of weeks. His name is Pete and he is coming on Tuesday so that he has time to settle in before his humans go away on Thursday. His humans are my brother and his family and Pete is a tortoise. I must admit I do not really know what you do with a tortoise, you cant really stroke them, they dont play ball or roll over to have their tummy tickled, oh well we shall see lol.

On a last note I am going to be doing ISD tomorrow if I get chance and tomorrow I will also tell you all about my new rota and what is happening with that.

Thank you for all your comments, I have had some really lovely comments in the last few weeks and they really mean such a lot to me. I do always try to leave comments when I visit other blogs which is probably why it takes me so long to get round to you all. If I see things I like I have to say so and can only assume that those that do not leave comments do not like what they see, but maybe that isnt the reason, maybe they are shy, or maybe for some reason they cannot leave a comment. I have visited blogs which do not like me and will not allow me to leave a comment. If this is the reason then I would be grateful if you could let me know and my email connection is is my side bar to help you. Thank you once again dear friends.

may your frogs stay in the pond


Mylene said...

Well done on the scissor pocket, it turned out great as weel as the fob.
The EMS SAL is looking beautiful too.

Do always try to leave comment but sometimes when i am in a hurry and thought to come back later and forget it.

Have a nice week.

vEr0n!c@ said...

That's a lovely scissors pocket. I've yet to stitch one. It doesn't look easy.

I love the colours you chose for the EMS Rose SAL. Very unique and very sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love the colours you chose for the Celtic Heart,I did that design a while ago for valentines and made it into a cushion. I am still working on my monthly challenge as I am doing over 1 and Istruggle with that. I love how the EMS rose sal is coming along.
We have the Parents In Law's tortoise(sooty) when they go away I hate the mess they make so we make a large pen outside.

Sally said...

Love your scissor pocket Helen. It's so pretty. I was surprised at so few photos too when we've had longer this time. It's a real shame.

EMS sampler is looking lovely.

Itching To Stitch said...

Nice scissor pocket and fob you made. I love the way EMS is coming out, very nice ;)

Nicola said...

Great scissor pocket Helen, must try one of those myself. The EMS sampler is looking just beautiful! What colours did you settle on in the end?

Karen said...

Your EMS sampler is looking great I love the colours, the scissor pocket and fob is super I really need to have a go at one of these soon

Dani said...

I love the design for the scissor pocket (great Celtic knots). The EMS sampler is amazing ... I really like the design and the colors look great.

jane said...

I lo0ve the scissor pocket Helen - what a clever idea. Must admit I don't always comment on your blog ( or on many others)due to lack of time but be sure I am reading every post and I always love what I see!

Beatrice said...

The Rose and the scissor fob are wonderful. The fob is very unique. I love Celtic designs!
Have fun with Pete!!!!

Lisa said...

Love the scissor pocket and fob, you did a great job. I agree the colours you chose for the rose are pretty, looking forward to seeing more of it.

Karan said...

Love your scissor pocket - got a fondness for Celtic designs & this finishing technique suits it perfectly. Very lucky AnnT!
I'd expected more finishes this month too. Wish I'd managed to get my pics in on time - thought there was another day!
EMS is beautiful - another of my favourite's. :0)
You too? I love my DSis to bits & we like to help out when we can BUT I'd also like to get the mountain of jobs done here too! (((((Hugs))))).

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

The scissors pocket and fob turned our very well.

You are making a lot of progress on EMS and the colors are just beautiful. The different accent color that you are using for the roses and the other accent motifs help them to really stand out.

Windy Meadow