Monday, 23 June 2008

Rota Reorganisation

Well thats what it is though I admit it does not make for a very thrilling title. It may even make for a very boring post but I am not going to apologise for that so if you dont fancy finding out what I am going to do then please feel free to give this one a miss.
I have been letting my rotation run down a little recently and not adding something at the end of each round as normal. The reason for this is I have a number of BAPS and they always seem to end up in a little heap together. I keep shuffling round and shuffling round but they still always slowly creep back together as the things between them are completed.
I am now down to 7 items I think the lowest I have ever had has been 6 - and the highest 19.
Five of these items are big ones, HAED, THE QUILTMAKER, GRACIOUS ERA, FAIRIES and TAJ. The other two are the Blackwork House and the Hardanger House.
I have decide that 12 is a nice number (for the now though I would like to reduce it to 8 eventually) and I am going to stick at that. I will have six cross stitch and six other stitches alternating between each other.
So what are the new ones I hear you asking? Firstly three of them are not new, they are I guess UFOs as two were started as holiday stitches and have not been touched since.
These are Jasmine and Come and Share, and the third one is Heirloom Christmas. This one was started as a Sal with Elaine, it then started to sink and Jane joined me and saved the day for a while but it soon became obviouse that it would never be done for Christmas and it again got put on one side. So I thought if I added it to my rota there is a very slight chance it will get done for Christmas either this year or next year, but having done such a lot of hard work on this one I really do not want to see it fade away.
The other two are completely new ones and they are Garden Recipe by The Drawn Thread, this was one of my Christmas presents from my friend Terri and I love it.
Lastly but not least is one i have been wanting to start for a very long time. It is the very beautiful Cottage Dreams by Judy Dixon.

1. XS - HEAD
12. SP - TAJ
Instead of adding a new piece at the end of each rotation I am going to replace a piece like for like as it is finished. So if I finish Blackwork House it will be replaced with something that I class as SP-eciality - which is anything thats not pure cross stitch. I do not know if this will work for me or not. I have until recently been really happy with my old rotation system but until I can get rid of some of the really big ones then I think this might be a better idea. The main problem is I always fall for the really big ones and do have quite a number of BAPS in my to do pile, but we shall see - if it doesnt work I can always go back to the old system.
I hope I have not bored you too much, and if you have got this far you are a real trooper, who is either a great friend or a glutten for punishment - lol and maybe both. So thank you so much and will try and make my next post a little more interesting. I am hoping to start on the new rota on Wednesday.
may your frogs stay in their pond.


Anonymous said...

Love the plan for your new rotation. I'll be visiting a lot to see how it goes. Just wanted to write a short comment before dashing away. Have a nice day my friend!

Elisa said...

Good luck with your new rotation Helen, I need to organise my rota too...but not sure

Nicola said...

You are organised! I just stitch whatever I fancy or whatever needs stitching. Nice to see Heirloom Christmas again, and I look forward to seeing your new pieces. Good luck with it all.

Mylene said...

WOW! You have very big projects and are awesome ones. I do envy you for your organized rotation, i did try but it didn't work for me. I am easyly distracted to start new ones and kept forgetting to better finish the older ones that are already started. Right now, i don't even want to go and look them up...
Anyway, look forward to see your updates.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's lovely to see all of these,and Well done for sorting them into a rotation,I keep thinking about sorting mine, but I know I would fail first week.LOL So Good luck!!

ps I have added the colours I used on Acorn and Owls

jane said...

Your rota sounds like a good plan - I still have to finish HC too so perhaps when I get back from holiday I will try to include it in the chaos I call my Unfortunately I will be very busy at work during July/August so do bot wan to commit myself too much or I would suggest we SAL again.
Good luck with your plans - look forward to seeing how it goes.

Ginnie said...

Sounds like a good rotation, think I ought to sort mine like that... getting a new urge already to start another but must wait a bit longer if I can. It is such a lovely addiction....

Concetta said...

You are so organised! I don't think this was a boring post AT ALL... I love to know how other stitchers organise their projects. I've never been very good at sticking to a rotation - I've always just stiched on what I "fancy". I'm organised with so many other things in life, but not my stitching! ;-) You have some beautiful projects in there. Very inspiring, thank you for sharing, Helen!

Ranae said...

Wow! you have some beautiful things going on there.
Good Luck with the rotation. I cant wait to see them done. I just cant seem to stick to a rotation. I have to stitch on my mood, I guess, lol. Latelty I sit down, look at something and get up. Maybe its the weather, lol.

stitcherw said...

Good luck on your rotation, it sounds like you have a really nice mix of projects to keep your interest. With 12, that is more than one each day of the week. How long do you work on each before rotating to the next?

Sally said...

Good luck with your rotation Helen. I look froward to seeing Heirloom Christmas back out again and your new start on the DT:)

Julie said...

Sounds like a good plan you gor organised there. I can't wait for Heirloom turn to come up - i adore that one

Karan said...

Hope the new rota works well Helen. All I can say is Wow! Gorgeous pieces - am going to enjoy watching all of these develop. :0)

Carla said...

Great plan! Look forward to seeing your progress pics :)

Mary Ann said...

It sounds like an excellent plan to me! And, I am going to enjoy watching for the updates on these lovely pieces!!

Lisa said...

Your post about your rotation was not boring at all, as you know I think your rotation is wonderful and am very envious of the progress you make. Can't wait to see how your new round goes.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

I enjoyed your post on your rotation as it's interesting to see how other stitchers organize their projects. Not boring at all! :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your current projects and on the new ones that you added to your rotation.

Isn't it funny that no matter how much free time we have, we always find ways to fill it up? You just have to make time to stitch as if it's a chore even when it's not! Have Fun! :-)

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