Monday, 9 June 2008

The Frog was invited...

My darling hubby is normally very very supportive where my stitching is concerned. When I chose I Still Do to stitch for our next years anniversary he was shown the chart and he approved. I even consulted him on the colour, so last night he shocked me. I was getting I Still Do out and laying everything ready as I wanted to make an early start (before other things took over lol) and my darling H walked in and said "I don't like that". I was horrified, "but you saw it before I started" I gasped. What he did not like was the dark thread he thought it was awful. He said that he much prefered the original thread and though I would have been better sticking to that. Anyway I thought about it for a while and to be honest I think on looking at it for a 2nd time I had to agree with him. So this morning I actually invited Mr Frog into my den. I cursed him a little - well rather a lot really as frogging on 36 count is not easy. The frogging completed and much to my suprise it had not left a stain - I then began all over again with the border at the top. For this reason I have not actually got much further than I got last week but I must admit I really do think it looks a lot better. I wonder if Dawn will put a photo in her blog this week. I think she will be leaving me way behind. I had a nice suprise in the post this morning. A while back I admired a Blackwork Elephant that Beatrice had stitched. A couple of days later she sent me an email and offered to send me the chart if I would like it. Well today the chart arrived and she had also sent me the lovely gold thread that was left from her Elephant, some black linen thread and a sweet little chart from one of her local designers. Thank you Beatrice I was thrilled with it all.

Once again I want to thank you all for visiting me in my little Nook. You are all very welcome and I love it when you leave a comment and let me know what you think.

To Vonna & Kendra whilst I am having a natter or nattering my friend in Scotland is having a blether or blethering lol.


Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Helen:

Oh I just bet you did feel horrified as I would for sure! I bet it made you wonder why you are doing I Still Do for a few minutes! I would feel bad too but to me it looks really beautiful here. I didn't see it before but your work is just outstanding! Men have no idea how much work it takes to stitch anything! Your new stash is really nice too!!

I am glad that I have a LNS but the two women who work there are very unfriendly and rude at times. I only go in there because like you said, it is more fun to see things and touch them. They usually don't have the new stuff in until most already have it, so I order things too. A friend gave me this new chart to help me cheer up and I did enjoy getting the fabric and threads, but they don't have this one in yet. Thank you for stopping into my blog. I hope that it is working for you in there. I don't know why it has been hard for some to get in. Don't give up! I love seeing you!! Hugs
Debby :)

Erica said...

Oh what a shame!
I hate frogging,especially on 36ct!
Still, better he said something now than waiting until you had finished it, framed it, and were looking for a place to hang it! I suppose anyway!

Kendra said...

LOL...something made me think of "natter" earlier today....and then here it is mentioned in your blog again! :-)

Blethering...I've used the word blAthering, but I've not heard blEthering.

Sally said...

Oh no not frogging! As Erica said though at least he said something now rather than later. It does look really pretty.

Nice stash from Beatrice:)

Julie said...

I still do, looks lovely. Better that you both like it, and that he said now right at the start instead of waiting a few weeks/months!

Lovely stash from Beatrice.

Carol R said...

I must admit I prefer it as now stitched! Sorry you had to frog though.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

I do like the lighter red and at least he told you before you had stitched too much or worse, had it framed! :-)

No one can be more honest than children or husbands! LOL

Nice stash from Beatrice.

Windy Meadow

Beatrice said...

Wow Helen that got there fast. You are Welcome.
I'm glad you like the linen thread. I had a piece to stitch that had a lot of it and I enjoyed it to.
After you let the frogs in and did a great job on catching up. I had a look back and I do think this looks very pretty! Forgive him lol.
Take care.

Brigitte said...

I'm so sorry that you had to frog. But the result is worth it. The lighter red looks very good!

Karen said...

I much prefer the colour now , it's a good job DH mentioned it now than in a few weeks

Vonna said...

Oh...blethering...I guess that's probably very close to our blathering...have you ever heard of yammering...I think that would be another we could through in the pile. AND you'd be happy to note that I used "nattering" to my husband yesterday. The sentence was: "Well goodnight, I'll quit nattering your ear off..." and before I turned out the light he gave me a look like: "?" and just smiled and turned it out and promptly fell asleep! LOL!

Karan said...

I guess it's good your DH spoke up early but..... (((((hugs))))).
Love the blackwork elephant, looks a fun stitch - very nice gift. :0)