Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Mainly Stash

Firstly my little pink parcel arrived yesterday and unlucky for some (but not for me) 13 beautiful Dinky-Dyes silks. Why not the normal 10 - well last month there was a mix up and I got three that I already had so Jayne said to just send them back. Life has been so hectic I had almost forgotten about them but Jayne obviously hadn't and she had added the replacements to this parcel.

Secondly do you like the little basket that they are resting on. That was my 99p from a charity shop bargain I found last week. It will just be right for displaying my needlerolls - ok so I haven't stitched any yet but the basket is incentive LOL.

Thirdly I have ordered my OTT- Lite. How daft is this - I have ordered it from the USA. Now I know about global warming and buying things as locally as possible to save on fuel from long distance transportation. But I also know that the economy is getting tighter and my pennies need to be watched far more carefully in this day and age. Most places I looking in the UK wanted 49.99 plus p&p in fact the cheapest I found it for was 49.98 (wow a whole penny savings). So I went to look on ebay thinking I may get a second hand one. Much to my suprise I found an E-Shop in the USA selling it for $36.99 (about £18.50) so I wrote to them to ask what it would cost to ship to England - well almost as much as the light $31.95(with an apology and explanation about the weight of this lamp) so I thought well for that money just forget the global warning (sorry) and order it, and that is what I did. So I am a soon to be (fingers crossed) Ott-Lite owner for the total price of 34.53 which is over £15 saving on the lamp and that is without taking into consideration what I would have been charged for postage probably making it nearer to £60 than £50. I think you can safely say I am a happy bunny.

I have been stitching and have stitched the monthly challenge, though its not made up yet. I am also trying to stitch a couple of pressies so I cannot tell you about them yet either. Best of all on the stitching front I am enjoying Cottage Dreams. I have done all the kloister blocks and I am now on to the pretty bits.

Several people have asked about the floss I am using for I Still Do - it is Carries Creations Thread "Hearts on Fire" very passionate sounding for my anniversary sampler don't you think.

Julie - I promise at least one ivy leaf this weekend lol.

Karen - How many Ivy leaves indeed, I think I could die from the shock if I counted them so I have no intentions of doing so.

Cynthia - I will keep adding little drips to my ocean but as for the HAED being done for next year even at my most positive that is well beyong reality. I have worked out (notice what a brilliant mathematician I am LOL) that as I have 12 items in my rota if I spend a week on each of them then they will appear about once every three months. At the rate I am stitching I think it will take at least 10 years to do the HAED.

I hope I have replied to everyone who has asked a question. I know Karan I didn't reply to you but I cannot tell you how I get on with my light until it arrives.

I seem to have had quite a few new visitors recently (or at least new comment leavers) and I would like to say Welcome to my little nook. It is always fun to get new people visiting but the best bit is when they leave a comment for me I get to visit them too.

Thanks once again to everyone who visits and to all the lovely people who take the time to leave me a comment.

may your frogs stay in their ponds.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

The threads and the basket are adorable!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Lovely Yummy Silk! ^.^

That sounds like a good deal on the lamp. I need to get one too but they don't come cheap... Sigh!

becca said...

What a great deal on the lamp. I bet you are excited! And the threads are lovely.

Karan said...

Lovely threads! Nice basket too, perfect for the needlerolls - look forward to seeing your first one. :0)
Don't blame you on shopping OS when it's that big a saving but it does bug me when things are so much dearer here than elsewhere.
You're OK - I don't mind waiting until you've got the light to know. LOL ;0)

Ann T said...

Very pretty threads!

Lynn said...

you've got some amazing bargains there, just show's it payes to shop around doesn't it?

I love the colours of the floss, very yummy :)

Julie said...

Great basket, hope its not too long till we see it filled with needlerolls.

Nice floss too

Karen said...

nice basket and floss, lol I havent counted them either

tammie said...

your lamp sounds a fantastic bargain happy stitching under it.. lol and beautiful basket hope to see a pict soon of your first needle roll lol

Ruth said...

Here's to getting to live in Ott-lite heaven --- may yours arrive soon no matte rthe distance. And the basket as an incentive or needleroll progress is brilliant! :)

Elaine said...

Great basket and pretty threads Helen. Look forward to all those needlerolls.


Christine said...

Lovely silks, and a bargain on the basket too!

As for your light, its a great saving and if you'd bought it from the UK, they'd have probably imported it from the US anyway so I don't see much difference