Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Nothing to Show

I have nothing to show :o(. At the weekend I think every frog from every pond in the district was in my house and in the end I threw my stitching to one side in disgust. Since then I seem to be struggling to get back to it. The only thing I felt like stitching was my EMS Rose and the flower from this times chart is all I have stitched - no stem, no leaves just a small rose.

I have been asked about the Ott-lite. When I ordered from the USA I thought it would be relatively easy to get an adaptor that would plug in here and then allow me to plug the US fitting into that. How wrong I was. I can get ones for plugging into the US system - even Asda (Wallmart) sell them but they are for UK people who will be wanting to use them while they are on holiday in the US. What do US citizens do if they come here on holiday???? May be I would get them in the tourist areas like London, Stratford etc but Long Eaton has obviously never had a visiting American lol. So my US Ott-lite is still sitting in its little box waiting for an adaptor. However as I was really quite upset about not being able to find an adaptor my DH decided that I should have ordered from the UK in the first place and went ahead and ordered one. Actually the one he ordered is brilliant it has a flexible neck (same as on the magnifier) where as the one from the US is more ridgid. I am not sure what I will do yet, if I can find an adaptor I may well keep the other too as it is a lot lighter and would be ideal for taking with me when I travel. So my great saving didnt turn out as I hoped.

This week I have been awarded two . One was awarded by Tammie and one from Elisa.

I am supposed to award 5 people and here are the 5 I have chosen.

Erica - at Bits of My Own

Brigitte - At Brigittes Place

Chiloe - Chiloe's Corner

Cyn - at Cyn Stitches

Lisa - Lisa's Stitching Addiction

I do not think there will be much stitching done for the next few weeks as school broke up today and Oz will be staying with Granny & Grandpa on and off for most of the holidays. He will be arriving shortly so I am now off to get ready for his arrival.

may your frogs stay in their ponds (and may mine stay there too)


vEr0n!c@ said...

Helen, you've been nominated for another award over on my blog ^.^

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Those bad bad frogs! Send them far away!

Doris said...

so sorry for the frogs and the adaptor, is true,is har find one of them here.

Erica said...

Thanks so much for nominating me for the award Helen!
It was so sweet of you!
Sorry about your adapter problems.
I will poke around and see if I can find one. I had no idea there would be a difference! Who knew!
Have fun with your grandson!

Kendra said...

I think we've all had Frog Days like that. There have been times that I swore I was giving up stitching because every stitch I made was wrong.

The adaptor thing...I don't know if it's what you're needing, but I know I've seen adaptor pluggy things that are supposed to allow US plugs to work in Europe. I'm pretty sure I've seen them at places like Wal-Mart and Target, and I know AAA (auto/travel club) sells them. I don't know if you eBay, but you might be able to find one there for not too much...???

Clare - Aimetu said...

Oh no Helen "frogs" - I hope they hop away soon but not south as I'm not too far across the counties borders from you.

Enjoy the school holidays :)

Sally said...

Hope the frogs leave you alone Helen.

Congratulations on your award:)

Karan said...

So sorry that the frogs have been visiting - hope the darned things have now cleared off for good!
(((((Hugs))))) about the lamp - I can guess how upset you are.
Hope having Oscar to stay brightens up the days & chases the blues away. :0)

Erica said...

Hi Helen
Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it sounds right.
There were similar items in the Consumer electronics category.

Andrea said...

I would of never of given the adapter issues a second thought before buying.

I have you listed for the 'Brillante Weblog' award. Well deserved. :-)

Mary Ann said...

Hi Helen, I have passed the Kreativ Blogger award on to you(as I see several others have, too. Just proves what I knew-your blog is a joy to read.

Carol R said...

I brought an Ottlite floor standing lamp a few years ago in Florida and of course it would not work when I got home. I went to a small local electrical store and they told me what I needed and ordered one for me. You don't a basic adapter - you need to tell them that its for a lamp - the basic adapter will just blow the light. I will check mine later (its hid up behind my desk) and see if there's any info on it which might help you.

Stitch Wizard said...

Hi Helen:

I frogged out the roof 3 different times on my LHN because I tried to stitch in hand and my stitches just wouldn't lay right so I ended up putting it back on the Q Snaps. I know how you feel for sure! It is hard going back after dealing with that. I am glad that you found a light that will work for you. Sometimes you have obstacles that come up and I am glad you overcame them all. Happy Stitching! Debby :)

stitcherw said...

How frustrating on the Ott light. Hopefully you find an adaptor soon. I have two Ott lights, both being a bit different like what you describe yours, and do use both depending on where I am. Also, sometimes if I have a friend like my DSIL stitch with me, she'll use one and I the other, so I'm sure you'll get use out of both. Have fun with your visit with Oz.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

Thank you for the award! I just found out!!!

I'll post my award on my blog in the next day or so.

I'm glad to see on your later posts that those nasty frogs went back to their ponds!

I also would not have thought of adapter problems. Glad to hear that you have another light and you can once again stitch at night!

Windy Meadow