Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Monday Update

A very unimaginative title but my head is just not in gear this morning.

Here is the picture of yesterdays work on I Still Do. I was really pleased as I completed the initial and got the little motif done, also just a little bit more of the fuchsians (well thats what they look like to me lol). It may not be a lot of progress but I was happy with what I got done in the time I had. I am looking forward to getting my OTT light which will hopefully allow me to stitch more at night which is usually when I get the most time to sit down and stitch. I have so missed having a good stitching lamp.

I am now off to the dentist - ugh, but first I wanted to thank you all for the really lovely comments you left regarding Cottage Dreams.

may your frogs stay in their ponds


Sally said...

ISD is looking gorgeous Helen.

Hope all goes well at the dentist.

Sea Stars still has quite a long way to go yet. It doens't look as though there's much left to do but there's a huge motif yet which will probably take me weeks!

Karen said...

I am enjoying watching this grow, hope the vivit to the dentist isn't too bad

Mary said...

Good luck at the dentist. ISD is looking great. Cottage Dreams is just stunning!

becca said...

WOW! I really love that red thread you are useing. It just pops right off the linen. Will you be doing any back stitching to the letters?

And your Cottage Dreams is awesome.

How did you trip to the dentist go?

tkdchick said...

This piece is just wonderful! I'm enjoying your progress on it!

Julie said...

Hope the dentist visit went well. Loving seeing this one grow, such a gorgeous rich colour

Erica said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks for stopping by!
I saw "I Still Do" also. I was considering stitching it last year for my anniversary, but I knew I would never finish it on time!

I love the little chick too! The colors and shading are just great!
It is coming out a little larger than I thought. I guess it will be a large ornament.

There are 12 little boxes in The Red Thread (4 more to do). I'm sure I will like it when it is all finished, but sometimes I'm not so keen on it. I love the idea of it with the winding thread, but I think some of the designs and the colors could have been better. I am still not sure what I will do with it when it is finished. It is quite long.

Christine said...

Thats coming along nicely helen. The more I see that colour the more I like it.

By the way, I don't need to go looking for mischeif, it pretty much knows where to find me ;)

Chiloe said...

Nice progress Helen.

I don't like dentists but they are really our friends !!! lol

Clare - Aimetu said...

They do look like fushias - you do such beautiful stitching.

Karan said...

ISD is growing nicely. I so love the thread colour you chose. :0)
Hope all went well at the dentist - he's my least favourite fella!

Mylene said...

Great progress, Helen.
Hope all went well at the dentist.