Thursday, 28 June 2007

Two Little Boys

I have at last finished the Two Little Boys which I have been stitching for AnnT's wfb. Although it took me all month on and off I have enjoyed stitching this one, just in time as we are due to post on this weekend. My order came from Lekker today so I now have the thread to carry on with Le Temps. I also ordered myself a new pair of scissors to match it (good excuse lol). I will show you a picture of these next time I do an update picture on this and you will see how well they go with it.

I also ordered some Carries Threads so that I could pic some to do my next big project but to be honest I am not really keen on any of them so think I will have to have a rethink on this one.

Oscar is coming to stay for the weekend tomorrow. It should have been the annual Steam Rally, which we take him to every year but it has had to be cancelled. The park is waterlogged for a start and also I think there would not have been a very good turn out as the steam engines, steam rollers and even steam cars come from all over the country and with the weather so bad everywhere I cannot think that the owners would risk these valuable machines on the roads to get here. The forcast for the weekend is more heavy rain so think we will be staying put and playing games all weekend.

I hope everyone is safe and that none of you have had damage to your homes.


Ann T said...

Lovely Helen, can't wait to see them hanging on my wall!

JOT said...

Lovely stitching. I love this design.

I hope you have a lovely time with Oscar and the rain doesn't spoil the visit.

Julie said...

A lovely RR piece

Have fun with Oscar this weekend

Carla said...

lovely finish!

Nicola said...

That's a great finish Helen. I love AOY designs, and have several in my stash. Could you please just explain one thing though, what is a wfb?

Mo said...

These are lovely. Just been catching up on your blog which has put me back in the mood for stitching again. I just wish I could stitch what I wanted for a while - still got 2 weddings and a baby to stitch for.