Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Whippeee - Dippy Has Arrived

Part 8 of Serendipity - the freebie in 9 parts - from Papillon arrived today. Everything may just get put on one side tomorrow. If I have anytime for stitching I think I will just have to do this.
Stitching time will be limited tomorrow however. Firstly I have to go into work for a couple of hours in the morning, after almost 4 weeks off I can barely see my desk for the workload so its really just too try and plough my way through some of the easiest things to get the load down as quickly as possible.
Tomorrow is the longest day and also most importantly of all the sunshine in my life, who goes by the name of Oscar will be 5 years old tomorrow. Tomorrow evening we are having a small family suprise party for him at his daddy's bistro. For him though the important party will be Sunday when all his school friends will be at the house for a Pirates Party. My other task tomorrow is to make his birthday cake - a pirates treasure chest. I know what I want to achieve but quite how I will do it Im not sure yet lol. Anyway thought there ought to be a picture of the main pirate so here it is trying to look fierce -
Happy Birthday Oz
On the stitching front I have kept stitching and though I have not achieved an awful lot I have enjoyed what I have done. Firstly a little more of the Le Temps Qui Passe . And secondly a little more of AOY . I have also done a little more on my UFO but I am finding this a struggle as the frame is very large. Unfortunately because I have added the beads as I went along I cannot take it off the frame and put it onto a hoop or a Q-snap which would make life a lot easier. Still it is growing though very very slowly and I can see that it will be finished in the not to distant future, so I am feeling very optomistic about it.
Once again a big thank you to all of those who visit my blog and even more so to those who are kind enough to leave a comment it really is appreciated.


BeckySC said...

WOW, your progresses are looking so good! Le Temps Qui Passe is going to be stunning :)

What a cutie Oz is :) I hope he has a wonderful B-day :)

Hope you are feeling a little more like yourself these days :)

Stitcher said...

I like that Le Temps, great progress

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to Oz, he looks so cute, enojoy your birthday tea at the bistro

Qui Passe is looking stunning

Carol said...

Ooh Helen, Le Temps Qui Passe is looking gorgeous, I love the colour of the Dinky Dyes you're using!

Happy Birthday to your little pirate for tomorrow, and have a lovely time with your family in the evening. I'm sure Oscar will have the best time ever with his friends for his Pirates Party on Sunday. :o)

Sally said...

I love the pic of Oz! He is so cute:)

Your WIPS are looking brilliant. I love Le Temps and it is now on my wish list ready for when I'm buying again in December:)

Have you done amy Dippy yet?

Oh yes Julie didn't need any earplugs as I haven't muttered anything:) It's a stitcher's perogative to change her mind LOL!

Carla said...

Oz looks so cute!
Nice progress on both wips..they are looking great!